Made with Liebe: Framed Silhouette



So my first idea for “Made with Liebe” while hanging out at my parents is Framed Silhouette…

This is a good gift for someone with kids (plenty of those in this fam).

TOTAL COST: $6.00 for all three

Materials needed:

  • Frames (i used old ones i found in my parents basement as well as i bought one at the dollar store)
  • Background paper (i liked the funky paper found at Micheals)
  • Spray paint (i liked the look of glossy for this)
  • Profile picture of your subject

Step 1: Spray paint your frames

Step 2: Cut out profile picture of your subject from photo. I took a picture of the kids’ shadow but after doing this realized that was not needed. Just the profile is needed. So, cut out the profile carefully (sweet if their dainty eyelashes can be seen or wisps of hair).  Once the profile was cut out of the photo I photocopied the cut out pieces onto a heavier piece of paper (did this at the local UPS) . Now cut out the black profile from heavier paper.

Step 3: Cut out background paper to fit frame. Glue profile pic onto paper and place books on top of glued picture to dry flat.

Step 4: Place in frame and that’s it…your handmade gift made with liebe!


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