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tea time.

11 May

i picked up these sweet tea cups from anthropologie for a little thank you gift for g’s ‘teachers’

i wanted to add a little something to the tea cups, so using my circle punch i made some tags and added a stamp…

i bought some tea from the “coffee bean” which looked so dainty and fancy in these pretty tea bags…

glued the tags onto the teabag label, and wrote a little thank you note

picked some lavender from the garden and added a circle as a gift tag and it’s complete.

not many coins spent, some homemade love, and a cup of tea ready to be enjoyed!


fabric you are so handy!

9 Feb

a couple weeks ago travis flew east to new york city for work.  my mother-in-law flew west to our house for sunshine.

travis spent the week stuck in new york due to the storms. olive and i spent the week spray-painting, crafting, sewing and changing all sorts of stuff around the house.

maybe it was a good thing travis wasn’t here. we had quite a few nights up where we were up until midnight moving one frame here and one frame there. he would have shut our operation down. we had fun. it would have driven travis crazy!

our first little burst of inspiration occurred at 7:30 in the morning and we had this project done in 15 minutes.

i’ve always loved this frame that i picked up at this yard sale months ago. the size and color are great but i’ve never like the rose picture inside.  couldn’t figure out what to put in the frame as the size is unique.

but then we remembered the plethora of fabric i had…so, i grabbed some fabric from my stash,  we found my little bird that i had hanging on a door in the kitchen, and with some tape we changed the look…

to this…

now this bird can sing a sweet song…

using fabric as a backdrop gives me so many ideas!

i love this wall and the morning shadows it displays. makes me happy every time i see a different shadow scene!

sendin’ the love

15 Jan

who doesn’t love a love note?

those pages written by a crush, a boyfriend, a husband…although it’s been quite some time t (hint, hint). a piece of paper filled with sweet nothins’ and words that woo. perhaps some of us have a shoebox collecting dust in the back of the closet, in the basement, in the back of the drawer filled with these love letters. the lined pages now crumpled up but the words still just as sweet. i’ve even sneaked a peak at those poetic lines you’ve written to mom dad. you were quite the casanova!

so with valentines day coming up i thought i’d send some sweet notes to some of the sweets in my life.

and a treat to go along with it…

bought some chocolate and then unwrapped the paper wrapper to make my own wrapper…

got out some paper and stamps to decorate the outside of the paper…

and on the other side of the paper i wrote some letters…

(used pencil for some letters so the pen wouldn’t show through on the front of the chocolate)

and then wrapped them up before putting in an envelope to send in the mail.

and took a moment to savor some for moi…

i find it to be such a nice surprise when i receive a handwritten letter in the mail instead of just bills and junk mail. kind of sad to think that our kids may not be able to find that shoebox filled with love letters of their parents or any hand written correspondence due to everything being on the computer these days. so today it’s time to send some love…old fashioned style!

mama owl mask

27 Oct

George loving this book…

inspired me to make this today…

George loves this book that Grammy gave him…I love these little golden books too. He’s at the stage now where he is telling his own little story about what is going on in the book. Love listening to his stories when he doesn’t know I’m there eavesdropping!

So I believe this little book is where the little man got the idea for what his mama is going to be for Halloween.

George has Halloween all figured out this year.  He knows what to say (“turkey-treat”), he knows what he’ll receive (“candy treats”) and he is not scared of the decorations outside the homes (said in a reassuring voice…”no scare me Halloween, no scare me”)

He has also decided not only what he will dress up as, but what the rest of the crew will be too.

Daddy will be the Trolley Man.

Mama will be an owl.

Grammy will be a ghost.

So today while he slept and I talked on the phone to Kristina, I made my costume.

I think I saw this idea in a Better Homes Magazine…so quick and easy to make. I will take any excuse to create some sort of craft!

I only spent $2 at Joann’s for these feathers and mask, I already had the felt in my scrap pile.

I made the eyes a little bigger on the mask, then glue-gunned lots of feathers to it.  Next I cut out the eyes and the beak from felt…

then glued the eyes and yellow felt triangle for the beak on top of feathers.  That’s it!

This would be a fun thing to add to a dress-up box after I wear it trick-or-treating (perhaps if i crouch down a little lower I’ll get candy to0?!?).  It reminds me of Mr. Dress Up’s box full of amazing costumes. I used to always want one of those boxes…perhaps this will be the first addition for George!

playing with pics

2 Oct

Discovered this great website for editing pictures. Not just the typical editing, but options to use really funky features.  Free to use too!

One of my favorite features is using the “60’s Effect” and the “Polaroid Effect”.  Isn’t it funny that despite all our new fangled digital choices people are enjoying this “old school” look!

It’s great because once you save the picture to your computer, you can print it out like any other picture.

chi chi la la = cousin talk

Play around with the effects, add a few words, print out, add to a plain card and voila…

cards ready to send in the mail!


17 Sep

liebe = german word for love

The other night I completed a sewing project and  thought that I would love to add a label to personalize the item and make it look a little more professional. Since  I don’t have any professional labels made I thought perhaps I could just make one on my own.

Decided on the word liebe.

Easy little project to do to personalize anything really.

All you need is:

1. Fabric Marker

2. Stamp of the alphabet

3. Ribbon or fabric

Color the stamp with your fabric marker. Stamp on fabric. Iron the fabric to make the ink permanent. Sew on your item.

LIEBE is now the new “it” brand for the Schneider household!