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happy day.

6 Mar

some things that made me happy today…

deciding what to make with these lovely, fragrant lemons fresh from my sweet friend mirela’s abundant lemon tree (how’s that for adjectives!).

thank you mirela!

walking into g’s room and seeing him like this, happily playing with his trains.

having the time to work on my latest sewing project. just looking at these colors makes me feel good!

this little german boy that i found at a yard sale.

the warm sand between my toes at the beach today in malibu.

a happy day. a happy weekend.


clear the clutter…

22 Feb

Every once in a while I look at something and really notice what it looks like.

I must admit often it’s dirt or little fingerprints that I see in odd spots that I’m sure have been noticeable to others for quite some time but I’ve overlooked. The grape that I found, shriveled up under the couch.  Beside it, a cracker and a sock, evidence of my lack of sweeping the past couple days.  Um, okay, maybe it’s been a week…

This happened when I stood in front of this bookshelf and thought…eeekkk! Too much stuff has found a home on these shelves without being much use to us, just collecting dust!

I emptied out all the shelves, brought most of the books to our library donation drop-off and cleared the clutter.

Most of the items on the shelves are from my favorite stores. P.Y.S

Haven’t heard of it?

Hint, middle word is “Yard”.

I knew I would put those cameras to good use.

The vintage books from the Y.S. looked so much prettier once I took off the old, yellowed covers.

Since the shelf contains many family hobbies, G’s interests had to be included. He just so happened to have a car that went along with the salmony-orange and turquoisey-green colors.

This cheerful gal was calling out from my fabric stash. I put her in a frame and she has found a spot crusin’ amongst some Y.S. vases.

Fresh and clean, ready for spring!


19 Feb

A couple of interesting finds…

Items I certainly could not have found at a Pottery Barn or any new store.  Hard to believe I was looking for this sort of thing…these objects caused some light bulbs to turn on in my little ol’ brain.  Another project idea to add to the list!

I just can’t get enough of this little person..

happy saturday!

pink and red

12 Feb

a tin of buttons is always a great find

I remember as a little girl I LOVED the colors red and pink together.  I think Strawberry Shortcake was the inspiration to this color combo, mmmm she smelled so good!

For some reason though I also remember that pink and red were 2 colors that one didn’t wear at the same time. It’s strange that I remember that as we were certainly not a fashion conscious family….except for you Shannon!  All my fashion choices were based on clothes that were worn first by Laura, then by Shannon, followed by Kristina and then it finally it was my turn. I guess that means I really didn’t make any choices when it came to fashion!  By the time the clothes reached me I was lucky if the original style was back in fashion!!

Anyways, back to pink and red. I love these colors and perhaps with Valentines in the air my eye drew to these colors at the Yard Sales I visited the past few weeks.

J.Crew pink cashmere cardigan with rhinestone buttons. Perfect condition- $5

vintage tray and watering can for the garden

pink pyrex dishes

$3 Radio Flyer Bicycle for G.

complete with siren and firefighter's voices...

tea for two. actually going to use these for a crafty project in the near future...

These pink depression glass tea cups and wine glasses are so dainty and translucent they are almost hidden…

Upon closer inspection…Beauuuu-Ti-Ful!

This might just call for a Proper Afternoon Tea with some girlfriends!

Saw some glasses like these at Anthropologie not to long ago. I love that these are the actual vintage ones. Hmmm, who enjoyed drinks from these in years past?

The woman selling these dishes had the entire set and it was soo tempting. The thought of Travis’ reaction to me arriving home with another set of dishes stopped me, and I am so happy with just these few pieces.

Some of these items were from a woman who owned a Boutique called “Nest Egg” in the Village. I used to love to go in and peruse her selection of household lovelies.

I remember seeing this faint pink jar in there and really liking it.

In her store this pink jar had a price tag of $24.

$24?  Crazy!

The original price was still on it when I bought it from her Yard Sale which made buying it for $1 feel sooo good!

She also sold this box and stationary in her store.

I’m set for Christmas cards for next year…original price $20/box. $1/box was the Yard Sale price. Okay, I”ll take them, I’ll take two, I’ll take EVERYTHING!!!

What fun I had acquiring these fabulous pink and red lovelies. So pleasing to the eye, no need to swipe any card, just a few dollars given and a fun assortment of pinks and reds.

Pinks and Reds. Reds and Pinks.

saturday’s hunt

7 Feb

Everyone loves Saturday mornings. For many it means lazing around in pj’s, savouring their coffee while reading the Saturday paper, and just taking it slow.  Some days it’s like that for me, on other days it’s quite the opposite. If there are ‘yard sales’ posted in the classifieds and I am in the mood then Saturday morning is different.  I am quick to jump in the shower, eat my breakfast and get out the door. The hunt awaits!

Saturday morning yard sales and estate sales in the Palisades are one of a kind. Where else do you leave a yard sale with purchases packed away neatly in reusable cloth shopping bags?

Where else might you find a Coach Leather purse, a Burberry Jacket, and a Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron set in perfect condition for under $40 each?

Where else is “Brad” from “The Young and the Restless” hosting the Estate Sale and chatting away with your child? Or “Nicholas Newman” also from “The Y & R” selling his kid’s toys?  Are they strapped for cash and needing to peddle away their unwanted goods? No, most definitely not. It is just the trend out here to have an estate sale I guess…it’s following the trend of reduce/reuse/recycle I believe.  It’s good to be green!

Pacific Palisades is where it’s at!

A few of this past Saturday’s finds…

steve madden leather pumps
vintage books and globe

let us eat cake!

22 Jan

One of my finds from a yard sale today was this sweet little candleholder set. It’s recreated from a 1950’s cake set and I actually saw this at the store Restoration Hardware last year. I thought it would be great to add to my ‘birthday tradition’ items  until I saw the price tag of $16…I convinced myself that it wasn’t that cute!

But today low and behold I spotted it one of the many unbelievable (in a good way) Yard Sales that were in the Village. I’ll have to post more on my amazing finds soon.

Anyways, saw this candleholder set at the yard sell and it really is cute! Adding to the cuteness factor were 2 things, #1- it had never been used #2- .50 cents. Didn’t need to put on my bargaining hat for that one!

G thought they were pretty nifty…

I thought if these are not an excuse to make a delicious gluten-free carrot cake than I don’t know what is!  No need to twist this girl’s arm!

As G and I were licking the cream cheese frosting off the mixer paddles (I can’t EVER go back on the promise I made to myself in my childhood days- that one day when I was a mama I would always let my children lick the paddle. As long as I got one too of course!). Anyways, as we were licking away I was thinking how absolutely delicious this homemade cream cheese icing is and that it really would be great on many cakes, not just carrot. Why did I ever buy icing in a can when this one is quick, simple and sooo much better?  This is the recipe I used and not one to forget!

Cream Cheese Icing

  • 1/2 cup butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 cream cheese, room temperature
  • 3 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 lemon, grated and juiced
  1. Beat butter and cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy.
  2. Add icing sugar and beat at low speed until well blended. Beat in vanilla, grated lemon rind, and lemon juice until smooth.

On lemon cupcakes these would be delish! If I omitted the fresh lemon this icing would make a chocolate cake decadent.  Add some fresh pureed strawberries to this, top some vanilla cupcakes and oh la la!

Now time to start the animal parade…

to market, to market

26 Sep

Woke up to a hot, hot Sunday Sun.

Set off to the market first thing before the heat got even more intense.

Every Sunday when we go to the market I feel like I am on vacation. The sounds, the colors, the smells- so pleasing to the senses.

After enjoying so many different samples of sweet, juicy fruit, breathing in the soft, fragrant flowers, and enjoying the tropical sounds of the steel drum band, we made our way home. On our walk home, with our wagon filled with bags of produce for the week, I was eagerly imagining the recipes I will prepare for this week. One of our favorite vendors always throws in a different piece of produce with my purchase; this week Lemon Basil. The smell is so fresh and strong you can almost taste it with just a sniff of the leaves. Perhaps in a roasted chicken this week would be a good match?

Next, we headed to Malibu to church. We always have about an hour or so before church starting at 9:30.  It’s nice to stroll around and enjoy the quiet park, calm beach, or shops before the hustle of the weekend crowd arrives.

Much to George’s delight there was an ice cream shop open, serving wee little cones filled with creamy gelato. Ice cream at 9am….well, it is the weekend!

Thought I’d display one of my new tops from a yard sale yesterday- washed (obviously not ironed) but ready to go for church today!