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cousin #11

11 Apr

With 13 nieces and nephews I have a challenging time remembering all their birthdays, never mind getting each one of them a birthday gift in the mail on time…or in the mail at all I am sad to say.

Oh they are sweet things!

Well it is Gabriel’s 4th birthday coming up, and I am determined to start being a better “tante” and get some little gift in their hands on their special day.  So today on the way home from work I picked up some flannel material that I thought a four-year old might like and made him a pillow case using this tutorial from the blog “MADE”.   That is a site that is exploding with creativity and sewing inspiration!

Pillowcases are such a great beginner sewing project. It doesn’t require very much fabric, it can be completed within a half hour, and it’s an easy way to get to know your sewing machine. Alright Shannon, no excuses now…break out your new machine and start stitching woman!

In half an hour you will have the satisfaction of creating something!

I put G’s pillow in this case to double check the sizing. Looking at the pillow on G’s bed makes me think it’s time to get him a ‘big boy bed’. That pillow takes up half the space! No wonder he wants to climb into our bed each night!

I paired this pillowcase with a classic bedtime book and this gift is ready to be sent north to the birthday boy!



18 Feb

When G was just a wee babe he would lie on his back in the bassinet of the stroller looking up in the sky and become fascinated by the birds.  Perhaps it was his first reaction to his surroundings that made this so sweet. I will always remember those moments on our walks when he would giggle away and try and reach for the birds that danced above him in the California sky.  I thought that he’d like his own little bird that could settle by his side and wouldn’t flutter away at his slightest movement. So I set out to make him a bird by hand. His own buddy made with love by me.

Well, he didn’t care for it.

He had no interest in this bird that I stitched by hand. As he began to crawl and then walk I would sit the bird by his side, thinking how cute it would be if this would become his little side-kick he’d bring to bed with at night. Nope, no interest whatsoever. He would push this bird away and reach for his car, a truck, or a block that he could pretend was a car or truck. So I just put the little birdie on top of the shelf.

Well, now this 2 1/2 year old has found his friend. One day G saw the little guy up there on the shelf and asked me to take him down.  Now, this little bird goes with G on all his adventures.  The felt is getting a bit fuzzy, and his wings are looking a bit weak, but he is loved!

I got the pattern for this bird from the site ”Wee Wonderfuls“. I think the pattern cost $5 and I only needed a few materials of felt, embroidery and stuffing. I made this guy before I ever started using my sewing machine. It was just cutting and stitching by hand.  I made him while T and I were watching Colombo. Hard to believe that I could even manage another task with such intense viewing going on!

I realized G’s recent interest in this guy may be due to his favorite book at the moment…

Oh how I love this book too! This was actually Travis’ childhood book.

T and I have this book memorized as G wants it read to him numerous, numerous, numerous times a day! No more skipping pages in an attempt to rush through the book, G will catch us everytime!

I must say, I was quite impressed when I realized how well he knew the story so when I asked G to read it, he did! Every single page he recited the words.

Sometimes the reading must stop as G finds it extremely frustrating when ‘birdie’ falls out of the truck…

And moments later, the bird is settled in nicely and G is sweet once again. Oh how I love this pic…

instead of doing the dishes.

25 Jan

Lately G’s imagination is in full gear and he will often role play going to the store for me. Unfortunately he doesn’t ‘imagine’ using a wallet, instead he always seems to find mine. Then I can’t find mine.

So I solved this dilemma and made him a wallet.

When I saw this material I HAD TO HAVE IT! I saw some little wallets like this at a store not too long ago and tried to memorize the dimensions and design.  I liked the idea of a key ring attached to the pouch so it can be added to my key chain/bicycle/stroller.

It is a time like this that I am so happy that I own a sewing machine. I wanted a wallet for G. I didn’t feel like going to a store to buy a wallet for a 2 year old.  I wanted to avoid doing the dishes. This only required a simple design. SIMPLE is a requirement for me. Anything that causes my eyes to cross from intense concentration or causes me to throw my apple across the room in a fit of frustration is just not worth it for me. I’d rather do the dishes. But instead, a quick 45 minute project while humming a happy tune and eating my lunch in between cutting and sewing is the way to go. A simple need. A simple creation. A happy solution.

More satisfying than watching T.V. for 45 minutes. Especially more satisfying than doing the dishes…although they are still just sitting there.

I made sure this had ample room for a car or two since they always seem to be required on any journey…imaginary or real.

G first checked to see if there were any treats hidden in there. Man this boy has a sweet-tooth! I wonder where he got that from???

You’re welcome Mr. Smug!

my christmas elf.

22 Dec

It was fun to pull out these little guys to add some Christmas cheer to our place. I think that this was my first sewing project that got me really excited about sewing last year. I found the pattern on the site Angry Chicken which is a really great site full of ideas and creativity.

This little Christmas elf gives me even more Christmas cheer…

couldn’t decide which pic I liked best so i included them both.

creating with thread

5 Oct

I was walking with G today and as he rambled on about the trolley-man yet again I admit that my mind tuned out that sweet voice of his and my train of thoughts went like this: I can’t believe that I have flipped the calendar to the month of October…oh how i miss the crisp, fall Ontario days where one can smell the damp maple leaves and you get to pull out cozy sweaters…boy, this means Christmas will soon be in there air…yippee, a reason to start more sewing projects…wow, hard to believe that last year at this time I had yet to discover my love of sewing.

Last year at this time my Singer machine sat neglected in a box, under a pile of sweaters, patiently waiting to be plugged in and put to work. I knew that I wanted to sew, but so far I had only used this machine for the odd, necessary hemming job which did not muster up any creativity or excitement. I did not yet treasure this machine or realize it’s capacity to provide satisfaction and fun when put to work with a simple piece of fabric.  It was only a month before Christmas when I decided to start making Christmas gifts that I bought this book,  Bend the Rules Sewing.  After my first sewing project I was hooked! A great book to make funky stuff for a beginner sewer. Not even through my first project and I felt such a satisfying feeling and I was excited for my next project. The Schneider boys were forced to fall asleep night after night with the sound of the needle humming away!

Now I have my routine all set.  Often in the evenings once G is asleep, I light a candle, pour myself a glass of vino, listen to some tunes and peruse my fabric stash deciding on what I am in the mood to create.  Much more relaxing then flipping channels, trying to find something to watch on T.V…except for Thursday nights. The Office takes priority to The Singer.

This bag is from the same book, Bend the Rules Sewing and it’s my Autumn “thinking-of-the-crisp-fall-days-in-Ontario-walking-down-the-beautiful-dead-end-road-then-eating-some-of-Mom’s-delicious-baking-while-wearing-a-cozy-sweater-and-thick-wool-socks” Bag.  So while I daydream about Canadian autumn days, I can fill this bag full of my sunscreen, hat, flip flops and toys for our day at the beach.

18 Sep

Been doing a little bit of this lately…

to make myself this…

so that I have a comfy pair of these…

and to make it more fun and to personalize, I added this…

and maybe one day we will both have on this…

There are mother-daughter outfits…why not mother-son?!?!

No, I won’t subject George to all that cuteness…ahem, I mean embarrassment!


17 Sep

liebe = german word for love

The other night I completed a sewing project and  thought that I would love to add a label to personalize the item and make it look a little more professional. Since  I don’t have any professional labels made I thought perhaps I could just make one on my own.

Decided on the word liebe.

Easy little project to do to personalize anything really.

All you need is:

1. Fabric Marker

2. Stamp of the alphabet

3. Ribbon or fabric

Color the stamp with your fabric marker. Stamp on fabric. Iron the fabric to make the ink permanent. Sew on your item.

LIEBE is now the new “it” brand for the Schneider household!