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tea time.

11 May

i picked up these sweet tea cups from anthropologie for a little thank you gift for g’s ‘teachers’

i wanted to add a little something to the tea cups, so using my circle punch i made some tags and added a stamp…

i bought some tea from the “coffee bean” which looked so dainty and fancy in these pretty tea bags…

glued the tags onto the teabag label, and wrote a little thank you note

picked some lavender from the garden and added a circle as a gift tag and it’s complete.

not many coins spent, some homemade love, and a cup of tea ready to be enjoyed!


happy day.

6 Mar

some things that made me happy today…

deciding what to make with these lovely, fragrant lemons fresh from my sweet friend mirela’s abundant lemon tree (how’s that for adjectives!).

thank you mirela!

walking into g’s room and seeing him like this, happily playing with his trains.

having the time to work on my latest sewing project. just looking at these colors makes me feel good!

this little german boy that i found at a yard sale.

the warm sand between my toes at the beach today in malibu.

a happy day. a happy weekend.


18 Feb

When G was just a wee babe he would lie on his back in the bassinet of the stroller looking up in the sky and become fascinated by the birds.  Perhaps it was his first reaction to his surroundings that made this so sweet. I will always remember those moments on our walks when he would giggle away and try and reach for the birds that danced above him in the California sky.  I thought that he’d like his own little bird that could settle by his side and wouldn’t flutter away at his slightest movement. So I set out to make him a bird by hand. His own buddy made with love by me.

Well, he didn’t care for it.

He had no interest in this bird that I stitched by hand. As he began to crawl and then walk I would sit the bird by his side, thinking how cute it would be if this would become his little side-kick he’d bring to bed with at night. Nope, no interest whatsoever. He would push this bird away and reach for his car, a truck, or a block that he could pretend was a car or truck. So I just put the little birdie on top of the shelf.

Well, now this 2 1/2 year old has found his friend. One day G saw the little guy up there on the shelf and asked me to take him down.  Now, this little bird goes with G on all his adventures.  The felt is getting a bit fuzzy, and his wings are looking a bit weak, but he is loved!

I got the pattern for this bird from the site ”Wee Wonderfuls“. I think the pattern cost $5 and I only needed a few materials of felt, embroidery and stuffing. I made this guy before I ever started using my sewing machine. It was just cutting and stitching by hand.  I made him while T and I were watching Colombo. Hard to believe that I could even manage another task with such intense viewing going on!

I realized G’s recent interest in this guy may be due to his favorite book at the moment…

Oh how I love this book too! This was actually Travis’ childhood book.

T and I have this book memorized as G wants it read to him numerous, numerous, numerous times a day! No more skipping pages in an attempt to rush through the book, G will catch us everytime!

I must say, I was quite impressed when I realized how well he knew the story so when I asked G to read it, he did! Every single page he recited the words.

Sometimes the reading must stop as G finds it extremely frustrating when ‘birdie’ falls out of the truck…

And moments later, the bird is settled in nicely and G is sweet once again. Oh how I love this pic…

instead of doing the dishes.

25 Jan

Lately G’s imagination is in full gear and he will often role play going to the store for me. Unfortunately he doesn’t ‘imagine’ using a wallet, instead he always seems to find mine. Then I can’t find mine.

So I solved this dilemma and made him a wallet.

When I saw this material I HAD TO HAVE IT! I saw some little wallets like this at a store not too long ago and tried to memorize the dimensions and design.  I liked the idea of a key ring attached to the pouch so it can be added to my key chain/bicycle/stroller.

It is a time like this that I am so happy that I own a sewing machine. I wanted a wallet for G. I didn’t feel like going to a store to buy a wallet for a 2 year old.  I wanted to avoid doing the dishes. This only required a simple design. SIMPLE is a requirement for me. Anything that causes my eyes to cross from intense concentration or causes me to throw my apple across the room in a fit of frustration is just not worth it for me. I’d rather do the dishes. But instead, a quick 45 minute project while humming a happy tune and eating my lunch in between cutting and sewing is the way to go. A simple need. A simple creation. A happy solution.

More satisfying than watching T.V. for 45 minutes. Especially more satisfying than doing the dishes…although they are still just sitting there.

I made sure this had ample room for a car or two since they always seem to be required on any journey…imaginary or real.

G first checked to see if there were any treats hidden in there. Man this boy has a sweet-tooth! I wonder where he got that from???

You’re welcome Mr. Smug!

sendin’ the love

15 Jan

who doesn’t love a love note?

those pages written by a crush, a boyfriend, a husband…although it’s been quite some time t (hint, hint). a piece of paper filled with sweet nothins’ and words that woo. perhaps some of us have a shoebox collecting dust in the back of the closet, in the basement, in the back of the drawer filled with these love letters. the lined pages now crumpled up but the words still just as sweet. i’ve even sneaked a peak at those poetic lines you’ve written to mom dad. you were quite the casanova!

so with valentines day coming up i thought i’d send some sweet notes to some of the sweets in my life.

and a treat to go along with it…

bought some chocolate and then unwrapped the paper wrapper to make my own wrapper…

got out some paper and stamps to decorate the outside of the paper…

and on the other side of the paper i wrote some letters…

(used pencil for some letters so the pen wouldn’t show through on the front of the chocolate)

and then wrapped them up before putting in an envelope to send in the mail.

and took a moment to savor some for moi…

i find it to be such a nice surprise when i receive a handwritten letter in the mail instead of just bills and junk mail. kind of sad to think that our kids may not be able to find that shoebox filled with love letters of their parents or any hand written correspondence due to everything being on the computer these days. so today it’s time to send some love…old fashioned style!

my christmas elf.

22 Dec

It was fun to pull out these little guys to add some Christmas cheer to our place. I think that this was my first sewing project that got me really excited about sewing last year. I found the pattern on the site Angry Chicken which is a really great site full of ideas and creativity.

This little Christmas elf gives me even more Christmas cheer…

couldn’t decide which pic I liked best so i included them both.

Made with Liebe: Memory Game

20 Dec

The same white plastic “halvah” box that was Opa’s sits on a shelf at my parents and contains the much played, much loved memory game that we played as kids.  It’s still fun to pull out that box, lay the cardboard pieces on the table, and work my brain trying to come up with as many pairs as my memory can muster.

I made one of these last year for a family member and thought I’d make a “Cousin Edition” this year. Although now that Rebecca has arrived I will need to snap a picture of that sweet baby and make one more pair.

This game/gift cost me less than $3 to make and I made it while watching Elf with Travis and George the other night.

To start I went to the hour photo developer and picked 13 pictures (13 cousins) and had them developed into wallet size 2 x 3 pictures. 4 pictures fit on one photo so I was able to put 2 pairs on each page.

I cut out each picture and had 26 pics in all (13 pairs)

Next I cut out background paper 2.5 x 3.5.  I wanted to use paper with a funky design but the problem with that is the back of each piece would be slightly different…something a sneaky memory game cheater might use to their advantage. One must take memory game seriously!

I decided to stamp each card in the same place to add something interesting to the red background.

Once the pictures were glued on the background paper I put them in some books to ensure they would stick. This little guy helped me out.

Next thing- I’ll laminate all these square pieces at the store which will make them a little more heavy-duty and last longer for all those fingers flipping them over and of course to make it look ‘professionally hand-made’ ( I just feel too cozy inside while the rain pours down outside so I’ll add it to the ‘to-do’ list). Once they are laminated I’ll cut out each square and then it’s ready to play!

I made the little pouch with some fabric scraps I had on hand. This is why I love my sewing machine…a little pouch like this took merely minutes to create and makes such a sweet little pouch to hold the game. A special touch for a special “mensch”.

Finished another “Made with Liebe” project last night but this one is a “mensch” gift which means no family members can view it…so no peeking Dick Family!  Here’s the link to the completed project…“Made with Liebe: Doggie Bag”