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the everyday lovely.

29 Mar

This is one of my favorite places to sit in the house.

Is it to bask in the warmth of the sun streaming through the window?

Is it the comfort of sitting in one of the worn, wooden chairs with my feet up?


It’s where I sit when I want to ignore the pile of dirty dishes waiting for me in the kitchen sink.

I turn my back on that scene, turn on this computer and enter the land of the internet. And type away on this here little bloggy-blog.

Blogs are a funny thing as they certainly do not capture all aspects of life.

Because do I really want to post a picture of that sink full of dishes, or the tower of laundry needing to be folded?  Do those things really bring pleasure to my eye?


So that’s why I don’t display ALL areas of my life on here.

Just the things that make me happy.

Looking through my camera lens, and posting pictures on here is a way to focus on the positive.  To appreciate the beauty in all that I’m blessed with.

I love to post pictures of everyday things that are lovely in their simplicity.

Often it’s the moments spent with G.

As I started taking pictures and posting on this blog I realized that I don’t want to just have an album full of posed ‘events’. Instead I love the thought of just capturing everyday moments.

…and typing away on here is just a really great alternative to doing the dishes!


happy day.

6 Mar

some things that made me happy today…

deciding what to make with these lovely, fragrant lemons fresh from my sweet friend mirela’s abundant lemon tree (how’s that for adjectives!).

thank you mirela!

walking into g’s room and seeing him like this, happily playing with his trains.

having the time to work on my latest sewing project. just looking at these colors makes me feel good!

this little german boy that i found at a yard sale.

the warm sand between my toes at the beach today in malibu.

a happy day. a happy weekend.

afternoon awe.

3 Mar

g fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon.

reminded me of those sweet afternoons when he was just a few days old. going though the routine of nursing and sleeping and nursing and sleeping while lying on our bed with the afternoon sun streaming in on us.

i would just lie beside him and just look at this tiny being, in awe of our tiny miracle.

it was nice to take a moment yesterday and do the same.

really enjoying perusing this website these days…

clear the clutter…

22 Feb

Every once in a while I look at something and really notice what it looks like.

I must admit often it’s dirt or little fingerprints that I see in odd spots that I’m sure have been noticeable to others for quite some time but I’ve overlooked. The grape that I found, shriveled up under the couch.  Beside it, a cracker and a sock, evidence of my lack of sweeping the past couple days.  Um, okay, maybe it’s been a week…

This happened when I stood in front of this bookshelf and thought…eeekkk! Too much stuff has found a home on these shelves without being much use to us, just collecting dust!

I emptied out all the shelves, brought most of the books to our library donation drop-off and cleared the clutter.

Most of the items on the shelves are from my favorite stores. P.Y.S

Haven’t heard of it?

Hint, middle word is “Yard”.

I knew I would put those cameras to good use.

The vintage books from the Y.S. looked so much prettier once I took off the old, yellowed covers.

Since the shelf contains many family hobbies, G’s interests had to be included. He just so happened to have a car that went along with the salmony-orange and turquoisey-green colors.

This cheerful gal was calling out from my fabric stash. I put her in a frame and she has found a spot crusin’ amongst some Y.S. vases.

Fresh and clean, ready for spring!

fabric you are so handy!

9 Feb

a couple weeks ago travis flew east to new york city for work.  my mother-in-law flew west to our house for sunshine.

travis spent the week stuck in new york due to the storms. olive and i spent the week spray-painting, crafting, sewing and changing all sorts of stuff around the house.

maybe it was a good thing travis wasn’t here. we had quite a few nights up where we were up until midnight moving one frame here and one frame there. he would have shut our operation down. we had fun. it would have driven travis crazy!

our first little burst of inspiration occurred at 7:30 in the morning and we had this project done in 15 minutes.

i’ve always loved this frame that i picked up at this yard sale months ago. the size and color are great but i’ve never like the rose picture inside.  couldn’t figure out what to put in the frame as the size is unique.

but then we remembered the plethora of fabric i had…so, i grabbed some fabric from my stash,  we found my little bird that i had hanging on a door in the kitchen, and with some tape we changed the look…

to this…

now this bird can sing a sweet song…

using fabric as a backdrop gives me so many ideas!

i love this wall and the morning shadows it displays. makes me happy every time i see a different shadow scene!

this morning

5 Feb

kettle’s on…

laundry’s waiting to be folded…

bills to pay…

sunshine spilling onto the table…

G’s blanket and pillow evidence of his night-time visit…