g’s free!

16 May

Hoorah, G is three!

I had fun making another ‘confetti’ garland for the special day…

I knew that George would love nothing more than  to wake up to a table full of new planes and cars. I had bought a big basket full of these locomotives at a yard sale a few weeks back for only a few dollars for all of them and had been saving them for a special occasion like today…

So nice to have Grammy here to celebrate the day…

 G LOVES marshmallows, so as a special treat I dipped some in melted chocolate chips and then in sprinkles…

LOVE these colors!
Birthday pancakes to start the day!
Off to the beach for a birthday picnic to meet our friends Gillian and Tallulah
Leave it to Grammy to find GIANT marshmallows!
The night before G’s birthday I had a last-minute idea to make him a ‘birthday shirt’ using an old shirt of his and some fabric I cut into a 3.
G was so proud to tell people “today i’m FREE”
Happy Birthday to a sweet ‘free-year old’!

One Response to “g’s free!”

  1. Karen May 24, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Oh Sue, that is so sweet 🙂

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