13 May

Georgie boy, today you are three.

Three years ago today you were placed in my arms and I was blessed to become a mom. Your mom.

I was in awe of our little miracle we were about to take home.

The most amazing thing to happen to our little family of two. We became a family of three.

Life is full of excitement and wonder through your eyes.

These days you love to…

play:: with trains, trains, trucks, cars, tracks, and trains

listen to:: the rumble of your dad’s motorcycle driving through the village, down our street, and up the driveway home from work

looking at:: anything with wheels, tracks, motors

talking:: without taking a breath so that when you’re excited about something your face turns red and by the end of the sentence you have no air left

to eat:: your dad’s delicious pancakes in the morning with maple syrup. dip, dip, dip.

to read:: your thomas the train magazine

to hold:: your 2 blankets for nap time and bedtime

to watch:: the garbage trucks and cement trucks on the street

to learn:: about every little detail about locomotives. Words like ‘semaphore’ are now in my vocabulary.

to climb:: into bed with us early, early most mornings. (we don’t tell you this, but your dad and I love the sound of your little feet scurrying out of your bed, into our room, and climbing over us to find a spot right in the middle of us where we all fall back asleep)

to say:: ‘merry christmas’ each night to us before falling asleep

to delay:: bedtime over and over again. more apple juice please, all done apple juice- please take it away, more apple juice, love you, hug-kiss, merry christmas, just one more apple juice please….

the routine of :: ‘hug kiss’ before we leave you…will you remember to always do this for me g? makes my day.

Oh G, you are a sweet thing and we love you so!

Happy Birthday to you!


One Response to “three.”

  1. krissy May 15, 2011 at 5:31 am #

    sis-how sweet!!!! hope you are having a great fun weekend love ya

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