tea time.

11 May

i picked up these sweet tea cups from anthropologie for a little thank you gift for g’s ‘teachers’

i wanted to add a little something to the tea cups, so using my circle punch i made some tags and added a stamp…

i bought some tea from the “coffee bean” which looked so dainty and fancy in these pretty tea bags…

glued the tags onto the teabag label, and wrote a little thank you note

picked some lavender from the garden and added a circle as a gift tag and it’s complete.

not many coins spent, some homemade love, and a cup of tea ready to be enjoyed!


One Response to “tea time.”

  1. krissy May 14, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    sis-how cute!!!i would love to do something like this for the kids teachs. becca and i are sitting here,looking at you blog-miss u guys . i think today is your little mans day.can u believe 3 yrs ago. what a sweet,amazing little man he is!!!give him a kiss from luc.pete, audy and becca, uncle phil and me!!!!you guys have such a great fam sis,cant wait to see you.hugs and kisses and droolys!!!!!!love ya

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