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29 Apr

we’re back.

feels good to cruise on home after a wonderful visit home.

pretty great having 2 places to call home.


springridge farm.

29 Apr

A visit to Springridge Farm is always part of our visit to Ontario.

George gets frantic with excitment at the site of all these trucks just waiting to be played with…

Audrey, our little Babushka!

G was surprised to see flakes start to fall.  Crazy Ontario weather…snow/hail at the end of April!??!

Dainty and graceful she is not! But how great those outfits are Audrey Shannon!


23 Apr

So much fun to have a little “photo shoot” with sweet Rebecca this afternoon.

4 months old and full of sweetness, smiles, pudgy rolls, and joy!

So very special to lie on the bed with her and Kristina, with the bright sun streaming in and marvel over Rebecca. Since arriving here yesterday the quiet moments are rare so it was a nice change of pace.

cousin crazy

21 Apr

G and I left town, needing a change of scene…

So we hit the skies and headed north…

We needed a place with a little action going on!

Within the first hour of landing George was one body amongst many…

Family. Kids. Food. Wine. Screaming. Laughing. Wrestling. Yelling. Crying. Giggling. Talking. Loving.

Home is a great place to be!


13 Apr

cousin #11

11 Apr

With 13 nieces and nephews I have a challenging time remembering all their birthdays, never mind getting each one of them a birthday gift in the mail on time…or in the mail at all I am sad to say.

Oh they are sweet things!

Well it is Gabriel’s 4th birthday coming up, and I am determined to start being a better “tante” and get some little gift in their hands on their special day.  So today on the way home from work I picked up some flannel material that I thought a four-year old might like and made him a pillow case using this tutorial from the blog “MADE”.   That is a site that is exploding with creativity and sewing inspiration!

Pillowcases are such a great beginner sewing project. It doesn’t require very much fabric, it can be completed within a half hour, and it’s an easy way to get to know your sewing machine. Alright Shannon, no excuses now…break out your new machine and start stitching woman!

In half an hour you will have the satisfaction of creating something!

I put G’s pillow in this case to double check the sizing. Looking at the pillow on G’s bed makes me think it’s time to get him a ‘big boy bed’. That pillow takes up half the space! No wonder he wants to climb into our bed each night!

I paired this pillowcase with a classic bedtime book and this gift is ready to be sent north to the birthday boy!

friday eve.

8 Apr

a good friend + a good drink + a good view = a good friday night.

happy weekend!