the everyday lovely.

29 Mar

This is one of my favorite places to sit in the house.

Is it to bask in the warmth of the sun streaming through the window?

Is it the comfort of sitting in one of the worn, wooden chairs with my feet up?


It’s where I sit when I want to ignore the pile of dirty dishes waiting for me in the kitchen sink.

I turn my back on that scene, turn on this computer and enter the land of the internet. And type away on this here little bloggy-blog.

Blogs are a funny thing as they certainly do not capture all aspects of life.

Because do I really want to post a picture of that sink full of dishes, or the tower of laundry needing to be folded?  Do those things really bring pleasure to my eye?


So that’s why I don’t display ALL areas of my life on here.

Just the things that make me happy.

Looking through my camera lens, and posting pictures on here is a way to focus on the positive.  To appreciate the beauty in all that I’m blessed with.

I love to post pictures of everyday things that are lovely in their simplicity.

Often it’s the moments spent with G.

As I started taking pictures and posting on this blog I realized that I don’t want to just have an album full of posed ‘events’. Instead I love the thought of just capturing everyday moments.

…and typing away on here is just a really great alternative to doing the dishes!


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