joshua david.

9 Mar

happy birthday to you bro!

i wish we could be home to CELEBRATE YOU today.

you are certainly an AMAZING PERSON to celebrate!


joshua david, i hope you realize what an amazing guy you are, not just on your birthday but EVERYDAY!

i hope you know that you have taught me so very much about many important things in life.

how to be happy, excited and appreciative of the little things in life…even if it over a little thing like your favorite can of orange crush!

how great it is to turn on the radio FULL BLAST and sing out loud FULL BLAST while rocking out in the car. i only get to do this with you bro and it feels so great!

how important it is to be kind to others and actually say kind words to others…although not many people can pull off some of the stuff you say with the charm and coolness that you do josh. for example, “hey ladies, lookin’ good!”

how much fun it is to let loose and dance, NOT WORRYING about what anyone around you thinks. whether it’s in the middle of the sidewalk listening to some street performers, at a party, or in the middle of a movie theater.

you have taught me how to have a sense of humor about things that i may not at first think are funny.

you have shown me how great it is to LOVE openly and express ALL of your emotions openly.  emotions of saddness, admiration, joyfulness, humor, excitement, happiness.

so today josh, although i am miles away, i will crank up the country tunes, pour myself an orange crush, and dance and sing at the top of my lungs…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE COOLEST GUY AROUND! happy birthday to you!

i love you brown cat!

rock on!

josh i just had to put in this picture of you and travis. it just makes me laugh out loud!


One Response to “joshua david.”

  1. krissy March 9, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    ahh sis-how true. josh is such a special guy and brother. we missed you tonight and josh didn’t skip a beat when getting to his presents. we got him an exciting easter/bday card with 20 bucks in it and when i mentioned you he asked what did she get me??? love ya sis

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