a la-la weekend.

28 Feb

a fun weekend here in la-la land.

started off with a pre-oscar party in beverly hills.  wish i could have brought my camera to that soiree.  the home, the people, the conversations that were oh-so “only-in-l.a.”.  entertaining to say the least!

wish my sista’s could have been here…getting ready to go out is just so much more fun with a roomful of girls!

then first thing saturday am, we left the coast and drove east towards the heat of palm desert where travis’ parents have rented a place.

there was such a cool 60’s vibe to the place.

the 60’s feel may have had to do with grammy’s beach attire…

or the cool lay-out of the place…

maybe the happy-hour drinks…

or knowing that these were the streets that Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and many other “old hollywood” walked…

loved the contrast of the snow peaked mountains surrounding this little desert town.

amazing how crisp, and cold the air felt in the morning, but by 10am we were ready to hit the pool…

had to include this one of peter and his cee-gar!

one of the first things i learned about the schneider family 12 years ago was that movie talk would dominate about 90% of all conversations and that watching the oscars is a never-to-be-missed family tradition.

so with sunday afternoon being the oscars, this called for a surprise appearance of george c. schneider in his finest…

a tux that was bought by grammy and pappy years ago.

unfortunately this has been g’s stance for the last week. doesn’t look too classy while wearing a tuxedo george!

g didn’t mind wearing these duds. he had a few jelly beans that persuaded him to wear this outfit.

those crazy schneiders…gotta love them!


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