clear the clutter…

22 Feb

Every once in a while I look at something and really notice what it looks like.

I must admit often it’s dirt or little fingerprints that I see in odd spots that I’m sure have been noticeable to others for quite some time but I’ve overlooked. The grape that I found, shriveled up under the couch.  Beside it, a cracker and a sock, evidence of my lack of sweeping the past couple days.  Um, okay, maybe it’s been a week…

This happened when I stood in front of this bookshelf and thought…eeekkk! Too much stuff has found a home on these shelves without being much use to us, just collecting dust!

I emptied out all the shelves, brought most of the books to our library donation drop-off and cleared the clutter.

Most of the items on the shelves are from my favorite stores. P.Y.S

Haven’t heard of it?

Hint, middle word is “Yard”.

I knew I would put those cameras to good use.

The vintage books from the Y.S. looked so much prettier once I took off the old, yellowed covers.

Since the shelf contains many family hobbies, G’s interests had to be included. He just so happened to have a car that went along with the salmony-orange and turquoisey-green colors.

This cheerful gal was calling out from my fabric stash. I put her in a frame and she has found a spot crusin’ amongst some Y.S. vases.

Fresh and clean, ready for spring!


One Response to “clear the clutter…”

  1. krissy February 23, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    hey, where are all the fam photos????(kidding) it does look great and fresh!!! gives me ideas but dont know where too start.any ideas????i like the bright color thing-would it go with black???sis, so glad i talked with you yesterday and soo thankful you feel wunderba!!!!!!!! miss you and cant wait to see you!!! wouldnt it be great to go together and sistas to coloarado one day??????

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