pink and red

12 Feb

a tin of buttons is always a great find

I remember as a little girl I LOVED the colors red and pink together.  I think Strawberry Shortcake was the inspiration to this color combo, mmmm she smelled so good!

For some reason though I also remember that pink and red were 2 colors that one didn’t wear at the same time. It’s strange that I remember that as we were certainly not a fashion conscious family….except for you Shannon!  All my fashion choices were based on clothes that were worn first by Laura, then by Shannon, followed by Kristina and then it finally it was my turn. I guess that means I really didn’t make any choices when it came to fashion!  By the time the clothes reached me I was lucky if the original style was back in fashion!!

Anyways, back to pink and red. I love these colors and perhaps with Valentines in the air my eye drew to these colors at the Yard Sales I visited the past few weeks.

J.Crew pink cashmere cardigan with rhinestone buttons. Perfect condition- $5

vintage tray and watering can for the garden

pink pyrex dishes

$3 Radio Flyer Bicycle for G.

complete with siren and firefighter's voices...

tea for two. actually going to use these for a crafty project in the near future...

These pink depression glass tea cups and wine glasses are so dainty and translucent they are almost hidden…

Upon closer inspection…Beauuuu-Ti-Ful!

This might just call for a Proper Afternoon Tea with some girlfriends!

Saw some glasses like these at Anthropologie not to long ago. I love that these are the actual vintage ones. Hmmm, who enjoyed drinks from these in years past?

The woman selling these dishes had the entire set and it was soo tempting. The thought of Travis’ reaction to me arriving home with another set of dishes stopped me, and I am so happy with just these few pieces.

Some of these items were from a woman who owned a Boutique called “Nest Egg” in the Village. I used to love to go in and peruse her selection of household lovelies.

I remember seeing this faint pink jar in there and really liking it.

In her store this pink jar had a price tag of $24.

$24?  Crazy!

The original price was still on it when I bought it from her Yard Sale which made buying it for $1 feel sooo good!

She also sold this box and stationary in her store.

I’m set for Christmas cards for next year…original price $20/box. $1/box was the Yard Sale price. Okay, I”ll take them, I’ll take two, I’ll take EVERYTHING!!!

What fun I had acquiring these fabulous pink and red lovelies. So pleasing to the eye, no need to swipe any card, just a few dollars given and a fun assortment of pinks and reds.

Pinks and Reds. Reds and Pinks.


2 Responses to “pink and red”

  1. krissy February 15, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Sis -real cute except for the cardigan!!!hey old lady sweater and buttons on sweater!!!!!(sing as you say that)miss you a lot and gayorg and the travs ass!!! love the blog and the following ‘story’. it is sooo true about not knowing what the next person in line is dealing with-just remember to live each day to the FUUULLLEST. A little reminder for me as well. Just got the hair done- blonde and shag. I’ll will try to post pics of Becca. Love ya and keep up the blog!

  2. Renu Kanga Fonseca February 16, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    What!?! That Radio Flyer trike is AMAZING!! George is a lucky little boy!

    Maybe I can justify spending money on an unplanned flight to the Palisades if I come back with some yard sale finds…maybe I could argue that I’m actually WASTING money by not buying a plane ticket and paying retail here!! Wonder if Nelson would agree….

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