fabric you are so handy!

9 Feb

a couple weeks ago travis flew east to new york city for work.  my mother-in-law flew west to our house for sunshine.

travis spent the week stuck in new york due to the storms. olive and i spent the week spray-painting, crafting, sewing and changing all sorts of stuff around the house.

maybe it was a good thing travis wasn’t here. we had quite a few nights up where we were up until midnight moving one frame here and one frame there. he would have shut our operation down. we had fun. it would have driven travis crazy!

our first little burst of inspiration occurred at 7:30 in the morning and we had this project done in 15 minutes.

i’ve always loved this frame that i picked up at this yard sale months ago. the size and color are great but i’ve never like the rose picture inside.  couldn’t figure out what to put in the frame as the size is unique.

but then we remembered the plethora of fabric i had…so, i grabbed some fabric from my stash,  we found my little bird that i had hanging on a door in the kitchen, and with some tape we changed the look…

to this…

now this bird can sing a sweet song…

using fabric as a backdrop gives me so many ideas!

i love this wall and the morning shadows it displays. makes me happy every time i see a different shadow scene!


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