~ shannon renee ~

4 Feb

happy birthday sista!

love ya sista!

love that although there are 2, 283 miles between los angeles and oakville i feel like we are always connected and you are always there when i need you. i love the fact that although as sisters we have always been close, once i hit my twenties our friendship became so strong and so important in my life.  i love that i have you as a role model.  i love how your ‘sweetness’ shows through in your roles as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, nurse, friend. i love your trips to california and our trips to vegas. i love thinking about all our fun, crazy, memories that we share. i love that i can call my sister my best friend (yes, you too kristina and laura!). i love that we look alike.  i love that i often forget we are 9 years apart.  i love that we still share clothes.  i love sharing all our moments together over the phone or during our visits. i love that i can ask you for advice regarding anything!

i love that on the outside you are a beautiful, sweet, positive and caring sista. and on the inside you posses an incredible strength, a strength that is hard to imagine can be contained in such a petite frame.  it amazes me!

wish i was with you to celebrate your day with you sis. you are certainly one to celebrate!

now have a drink sis and cheers to YOU!


* sis, i know i have hundreds of great pics of you, but these were the handy ones on my computer and i sure do like these!


One Response to “~ shannon renee ~”

  1. Shannon February 5, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    I love you sis!!! I just remembered that you told me to check the blog and I did that just now. It’s hard for me to type through my tears.
    Danke so sehr my dear dear sista! You have made my day!

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