“can’t stand it” moments

3 Feb

Grammy’s in town!

This means there have been many “i can’t stand it” moments. Not, “i can’t stand it” because my mother-in-law is in town staying with us, but instead, “i can’t stand it” as there are so many things that we are just so excited about and having fun doing!

I have been meaning to post pictures of these moments but have misplaced my camera cord so they will have to wait.  Amazing yard sale finds, pretty cool do-it-yourself household projects, warm, sunny daytime excursions, homemade contraptions trying to keep a skunk out from under our house, and just pics of everyday life.  I’ve refrained from writing on here the past week as writing without a picture is not that great.

In refraining from writing on here I realize how much I enjoy this little outlet.  So many things catch my eye throughout the day that I love to capture with my camera and share on here. It’s become a new favorite hobby I guess!

So this means once I find that cord I will have lots and lots to share on here. In the meantime I will just keep enjoying the “i can’t stand” occurrences of the day!


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