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a la-la weekend.

28 Feb

a fun weekend here in la-la land.

started off with a pre-oscar party in beverly hills.  wish i could have brought my camera to that soiree.  the home, the people, the conversations that were oh-so “only-in-l.a.”.  entertaining to say the least!

wish my sista’s could have been here…getting ready to go out is just so much more fun with a roomful of girls!

then first thing saturday am, we left the coast and drove east towards the heat of palm desert where travis’ parents have rented a place.

there was such a cool 60’s vibe to the place.

the 60’s feel may have had to do with grammy’s beach attire…

or the cool lay-out of the place…

maybe the happy-hour drinks…

or knowing that these were the streets that Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and many other “old hollywood” walked…

loved the contrast of the snow peaked mountains surrounding this little desert town.

amazing how crisp, and cold the air felt in the morning, but by 10am we were ready to hit the pool…

had to include this one of peter and his cee-gar!

one of the first things i learned about the schneider family 12 years ago was that movie talk would dominate about 90% of all conversations and that watching the oscars is a never-to-be-missed family tradition.

so with sunday afternoon being the oscars, this called for a surprise appearance of george c. schneider in his finest…

a tux that was bought by grammy and pappy years ago.

unfortunately this has been g’s stance for the last week. doesn’t look too classy while wearing a tuxedo george!

g didn’t mind wearing these duds. he had a few jelly beans that persuaded him to wear this outfit.

those crazy schneiders…gotta love them!


liebe, inc.

25 Feb

i’ve been working on a few little projects lately.

this is one of them.

and now it’s official.

as of this week my card creations are selling in local shops.

“liebe” cards can be found in our local bookstore…

and one of my favorite shops around, ‘black ink’.

i love all the beautiful products in their shop and am so happy to see my cards are now in their mix!

it was so much fun to walk by this shop one morning, peak into the window and see this…

i’ll have to take some better pics of them on display. i just didn’t want to seem too corny walking into the shop snapping pics the first day they were up…i’ll wait a few days!

yahoo, it feels good!

a scoop of sprinkles = happy

24 Feb

no place g would rather be.

sitting beside his dad. eating a yogurt topped with sprinkles.

simple, delicious, happiness.

clear the clutter…

22 Feb

Every once in a while I look at something and really notice what it looks like.

I must admit often it’s dirt or little fingerprints that I see in odd spots that I’m sure have been noticeable to others for quite some time but I’ve overlooked. The grape that I found, shriveled up under the couch.  Beside it, a cracker and a sock, evidence of my lack of sweeping the past couple days.  Um, okay, maybe it’s been a week…

This happened when I stood in front of this bookshelf and thought…eeekkk! Too much stuff has found a home on these shelves without being much use to us, just collecting dust!

I emptied out all the shelves, brought most of the books to our library donation drop-off and cleared the clutter.

Most of the items on the shelves are from my favorite stores. P.Y.S

Haven’t heard of it?

Hint, middle word is “Yard”.

I knew I would put those cameras to good use.

The vintage books from the Y.S. looked so much prettier once I took off the old, yellowed covers.

Since the shelf contains many family hobbies, G’s interests had to be included. He just so happened to have a car that went along with the salmony-orange and turquoisey-green colors.

This cheerful gal was calling out from my fabric stash. I put her in a frame and she has found a spot crusin’ amongst some Y.S. vases.

Fresh and clean, ready for spring!


19 Feb

A couple of interesting finds…

Items I certainly could not have found at a Pottery Barn or any new store.  Hard to believe I was looking for this sort of thing…these objects caused some light bulbs to turn on in my little ol’ brain.  Another project idea to add to the list!

I just can’t get enough of this little person..

happy saturday!


18 Feb

When G was just a wee babe he would lie on his back in the bassinet of the stroller looking up in the sky and become fascinated by the birds.  Perhaps it was his first reaction to his surroundings that made this so sweet. I will always remember those moments on our walks when he would giggle away and try and reach for the birds that danced above him in the California sky.  I thought that he’d like his own little bird that could settle by his side and wouldn’t flutter away at his slightest movement. So I set out to make him a bird by hand. His own buddy made with love by me.

Well, he didn’t care for it.

He had no interest in this bird that I stitched by hand. As he began to crawl and then walk I would sit the bird by his side, thinking how cute it would be if this would become his little side-kick he’d bring to bed with at night. Nope, no interest whatsoever. He would push this bird away and reach for his car, a truck, or a block that he could pretend was a car or truck. So I just put the little birdie on top of the shelf.

Well, now this 2 1/2 year old has found his friend. One day G saw the little guy up there on the shelf and asked me to take him down.  Now, this little bird goes with G on all his adventures.  The felt is getting a bit fuzzy, and his wings are looking a bit weak, but he is loved!

I got the pattern for this bird from the site ”Wee Wonderfuls“. I think the pattern cost $5 and I only needed a few materials of felt, embroidery and stuffing. I made this guy before I ever started using my sewing machine. It was just cutting and stitching by hand.  I made him while T and I were watching Colombo. Hard to believe that I could even manage another task with such intense viewing going on!

I realized G’s recent interest in this guy may be due to his favorite book at the moment…

Oh how I love this book too! This was actually Travis’ childhood book.

T and I have this book memorized as G wants it read to him numerous, numerous, numerous times a day! No more skipping pages in an attempt to rush through the book, G will catch us everytime!

I must say, I was quite impressed when I realized how well he knew the story so when I asked G to read it, he did! Every single page he recited the words.

Sometimes the reading must stop as G finds it extremely frustrating when ‘birdie’ falls out of the truck…

And moments later, the bird is settled in nicely and G is sweet once again. Oh how I love this pic…

my daily dose

17 Feb

some days i don’t get accomplished all i want

some days i dwell on things i really want

some days life doesn’t allow me to follow the timeline i want

then i get one of these

a daily dose of this does me lots of good!

a hug from g makes me forget all about my wants and thankful for all i have.