instead of doing the dishes.

25 Jan

Lately G’s imagination is in full gear and he will often role play going to the store for me. Unfortunately he doesn’t ‘imagine’ using a wallet, instead he always seems to find mine. Then I can’t find mine.

So I solved this dilemma and made him a wallet.

When I saw this material I HAD TO HAVE IT! I saw some little wallets like this at a store not too long ago and tried to memorize the dimensions and design.  I liked the idea of a key ring attached to the pouch so it can be added to my key chain/bicycle/stroller.

It is a time like this that I am so happy that I own a sewing machine. I wanted a wallet for G. I didn’t feel like going to a store to buy a wallet for a 2 year old.  I wanted to avoid doing the dishes. This only required a simple design. SIMPLE is a requirement for me. Anything that causes my eyes to cross from intense concentration or causes me to throw my apple across the room in a fit of frustration is just not worth it for me. I’d rather do the dishes. But instead, a quick 45 minute project while humming a happy tune and eating my lunch in between cutting and sewing is the way to go. A simple need. A simple creation. A happy solution.

More satisfying than watching T.V. for 45 minutes. Especially more satisfying than doing the dishes…although they are still just sitting there.

I made sure this had ample room for a car or two since they always seem to be required on any journey…imaginary or real.

G first checked to see if there were any treats hidden in there. Man this boy has a sweet-tooth! I wonder where he got that from???

You’re welcome Mr. Smug!


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