sendin’ the love

15 Jan

who doesn’t love a love note?

those pages written by a crush, a boyfriend, a husband…although it’s been quite some time t (hint, hint). a piece of paper filled with sweet nothins’ and words that woo. perhaps some of us have a shoebox collecting dust in the back of the closet, in the basement, in the back of the drawer filled with these love letters. the lined pages now crumpled up but the words still just as sweet. i’ve even sneaked a peak at those poetic lines you’ve written to mom dad. you were quite the casanova!

so with valentines day coming up i thought i’d send some sweet notes to some of the sweets in my life.

and a treat to go along with it…

bought some chocolate and then unwrapped the paper wrapper to make my own wrapper…

got out some paper and stamps to decorate the outside of the paper…

and on the other side of the paper i wrote some letters…

(used pencil for some letters so the pen wouldn’t show through on the front of the chocolate)

and then wrapped them up before putting in an envelope to send in the mail.

and took a moment to savor some for moi…

i find it to be such a nice surprise when i receive a handwritten letter in the mail instead of just bills and junk mail. kind of sad to think that our kids may not be able to find that shoebox filled with love letters of their parents or any hand written correspondence due to everything being on the computer these days. so today it’s time to send some love…old fashioned style!


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