Muffin Man

12 Jan

As much as I love my job and enjoy spending my 2 days a week teaching kids PE outside in the California sun, I wouldn’t trade anything for my mornings at home with G.  Teaching him. The days when we skip the errands, skip the gym, skip the household ‘to dos’ and just go with the flow of whatever we feel like doing next.  Today we felt like baking.

I just had to insert a pic of 2 of my Christmas gifts from Travis…my oven mits and my rolling pin. Oh how I love that Travis knows I will love anything from Anthropologie! Definitely my favorite store.

Lately George has been my little kitchen helper.  Doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, helping me cook and bake. So today we tied our aprons around us and made my favorite Honey Bran Muffins from The Complete Canadian Living Cookbook. Unfortunately since going Gluten-Free I am unable to savor these yummy, but healthy muffins but since Travis enjoys them and it’s a great way to get Bran and Fiber in G, we baked up a batch. So handy to freeze some of these separately and then just pull out of freezer and put in lunches over the next couple weeks.

While adding ingredients to my mixing bowl I noticed a few ingredients being driven away. Hmmm…..

Looks like the tow truck, dump truck, and old ambulance have joined our baking session…

Still warm from the oven, will this boy like these filled-with-goodness muffins?


Oh I just can’t get enough of this dirty face…YUM!


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