Laguna Beach.

10 Jan

Headed to Laguna Beach this weekend…

I love the drive and it reminds me of our pre-George days when Travis and I would do the hour drive south on a Saturday evening to sit outside, enjoy a drink and then hit our favorite restaurant ‘Thai Bros”. A tiny, side-street family run restaurant that really satisfied our palate. Laguna has such a relaxed, mellow feel. A perfect place to just sit and take in the beautiful surroundings…

G has been really wanting a picnic at the beach lately so we “braved” the cold California weather conditions and hit the beach…

Kept warm with a little gymnastics. Surprised that G could keep up!

This boy could just stay up on his dad’s shoulders all day…

But he was quick to climb down when Travis brought him to his favorite Laguna Pit Stop….

The Jeep Dealer! Goes back to Travis’ Jeep days when his Oma bought him his first Jeep when he was 16 years old. You know what that means Grammy…tradition says you better be saving those nickels!! You’ve got time, there’s still 14 years to save!

George it’s a shame your dad didn’t still have his old CJ Jeep he built when I first met him. That sure added to the cool factor when I first saw him pull up that first day of University in that big, black, loud, smelly jeep (I must add although I always found it to be cool, the novelty soon ran out when it began stalling out on our many road trips/camping trips/drives home from university).  I remember Kristina telling me that there was a guy with the loud, obnoxious jeep moving into the dorm…turns out it was your dad G! I told him not to sell it!!!

Perhaps he’ll build you another one…

Jeeps are in your blood George. Before you were even 2 you were able to call out from the stroller or the back seat of the car “JEEP” whenever you saw one cruise by. Before you knew your age, numbers, colors, how to have a conversation you could look at the front lights of a vehicle to decipher if it was a jeep. I always thought that was pretty cool!

Funny how you two are already kicking tires and talking “car”…you are only TWO!

Once again I am reminded how much you are your daddy’s son!


One Response to “Laguna Beach.”

  1. krissy January 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    what a fun day!!!! what’s with the ‘hey loonnnnnggg feet family; the pic looks like you’re all 7 feet tall and them some!!! man i crack myself up. any hooo better get back to baking and eating my specialty tea biscuits-scrumpcious!!!! miss ya sis- wish you were over at our lice infested pad!!!

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