As visions of Garbage Land danced in his head…

5 Jan

A big day for this guy…bright and early George skipped down the driveway where he put his beloved bottles in the garbage bin for our favorite man in town to load up in his big rig and take away.

I hope all the Garbage Men out there know how much they are loved by so many little guys that just can’t wait for their early morning visits each week.

George’s enthusiasm for his bottle being picked up by the garbage truck was gone by nightfall. Back in his PJ’s, laying in bed, the sadness set in.

Fortunately there was some baking going on in the kitchen last night .  All it took for this glum boy to be happy again was to give him a lick of the cookie dough.  We sat at the table and talked about what a big boy he is, no more bottles for this dude, and how exciting it was to watch the bottles land in the big truck and be driven away to Garbage Land.  Once the beater was all licked clean he paddled off to bed, a happy boy once again.

It’s these little moments that I hope to always remember. The way his little hands gesture in the air with excitement about the action with the garbage truck that morning. The way his sweet little lips go from a little frown to an adorable little smile when I ask him if he wants to sit with Mama in the kitchen and lick the spoon. The way we converse together, our conversations becoming more interesting every day as he continues to learn and understand the world around him.  The way he puts his arms out and says “big hug” before heading off to bed. His sweet little voice that I hear say “love you” as I leave his room.

Love you little man.


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