Made with Liebe: Memory Game

20 Dec

The same white plastic “halvah” box that was Opa’s sits on a shelf at my parents and contains the much played, much loved memory game that we played as kids.  It’s still fun to pull out that box, lay the cardboard pieces on the table, and work my brain trying to come up with as many pairs as my memory can muster.

I made one of these last year for a family member and thought I’d make a “Cousin Edition” this year. Although now that Rebecca has arrived I will need to snap a picture of that sweet baby and make one more pair.

This game/gift cost me less than $3 to make and I made it while watching Elf with Travis and George the other night.

To start I went to the hour photo developer and picked 13 pictures (13 cousins) and had them developed into wallet size 2 x 3 pictures. 4 pictures fit on one photo so I was able to put 2 pairs on each page.

I cut out each picture and had 26 pics in all (13 pairs)

Next I cut out background paper 2.5 x 3.5.  I wanted to use paper with a funky design but the problem with that is the back of each piece would be slightly different…something a sneaky memory game cheater might use to their advantage. One must take memory game seriously!

I decided to stamp each card in the same place to add something interesting to the red background.

Once the pictures were glued on the background paper I put them in some books to ensure they would stick. This little guy helped me out.

Next thing- I’ll laminate all these square pieces at the store which will make them a little more heavy-duty and last longer for all those fingers flipping them over and of course to make it look ‘professionally hand-made’ ( I just feel too cozy inside while the rain pours down outside so I’ll add it to the ‘to-do’ list). Once they are laminated I’ll cut out each square and then it’s ready to play!

I made the little pouch with some fabric scraps I had on hand. This is why I love my sewing machine…a little pouch like this took merely minutes to create and makes such a sweet little pouch to hold the game. A special touch for a special “mensch”.

Finished another “Made with Liebe” project last night but this one is a “mensch” gift which means no family members can view it…so no peeking Dick Family!  Here’s the link to the completed project…“Made with Liebe: Doggie Bag”


One Response to “Made with Liebe: Memory Game”

  1. sis#3 December 30, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    love these pics. i loved this christmas-you made ot soo special-thanks for all of your help with Becca and all the kids. what a great blog sis- it looks soo homey and fun -cant wait to put up my Hummels!!!!!! enjoy the new year sis!!!!

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