#14 has arrived!

18 Dec

Grandchild #14 has arrived! Welcome to the world Rebecca Angela Cartwright! Way to go sis! Sooooo happy for the Cartwright family and for all of us that get to love this new little miracle.  Sweet Rebecca was born yesterday in the wee early hours, December 17th and is heading home already today. Oh boy Rebecca, get ready for culture shock! The calm, soothing, muted sounds of the womb are no longer….get ready for your new wild, noisy, crazy, loud, wonderful, chaotic, home! You will be needing those vocal chords to hold your ground in that house! Along with being full of noise, that home is most definitely full of love. Love for all those that walk through the door. Despite the snow that is falling and the chill in the air, as soon as one walks in the Cartwright home they are welcomed in with warmth, food, love and often wine! You are a blessed little girl. Only a day old and you have 4 grandparents, 2 great-grandmas, 7 uncles, 5 tantes,  12 cousins, 3 siblings and your parents that already love you oh-so much and are so very happy you are here! I can’t wait to meet you in a few days!

Now rest up sweet little Rebecca, now that you are the youngest you have less than a week to prepare for the role of Baby Jesus for our family play on Christmas eve. Welcome to the Dick Family and the many traditions that go along with being one of us!

Oh it most definitely is the most wonderful time of the year!!


One Response to “#14 has arrived!”

  1. sis#3 December 19, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    ahhh sso sweet and warms my heart seriously-or what card did oyu get that from??!!!! sis your home feels the same-jsut wish i could experience it more often!!!!love ya tante Suzy!!!!

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