a tweet day and a homemade gift

17 Dec

Here at the Schneider household we have some little birdies that sing their sweet songs by the light of the moon. Never before have I heard birds chirping away in the middle of the night but I do love the sound.  Crazy California Birds! Since George was born I have developed a little bird theme in various corners of our home. I remember when George was just a few months old and would lay in the carriage, we would walk and walk and walk to the bluffs, to the village, to the beach, he would be fascinated by the birds. It was so exciting to see him react to these little creatures and get excited by their flitting and flying and chirping and singing.

So today we put on our aprons, put on Christmas carols and made some homemade bird ornaments.  A sweet little gift to give to friends and neighbors for them to put outside their window and take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of the holidays to watch the birds enjoy a Christmas treat.  I really liked this tutorial as it does not require too many ‘ingredients’…the only thing I needed to buy was this bag of birdseed which was only $2.99 at the grocery stores. My, these birdies are in for a treat!

I found this tutorial on the great site Saltwater Kids and it was so much fun as George pretty much did all the work.  He may have eaten a few morsels as he worked…let’s hope it’s all natural!

Her site even shows how to make these little boxes to package the bird-food ornaments. I didn’t use file folds as she did, I just used some heavier paper that I had on-hand.   I made these labels using my stamps and cut some sprigs of our holly tree to add to the box.


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