16 Dec

it’s 11:45pm. i should be asleep.

the dishes are not done. my side of the bed is full of  laundry waiting to be folded. the other side of the bed is occupied by travis in dreamy slumberland. george is in his own little bed accompanying travis in dreamland. i really should be joining them.

but instead i’m sitting here on the couch. some christmas classics are playing and our lopsided tree missing it’s star is glowing and making the room warm and cozy.  my list of Christmas ideas, projects, to-do’s is lacking many checkmarks beside it. the whole ‘unexpected 5 weeks in Canada’ has changed some christmas plans. we decided not to hold our annual Christmas drop-in, i haven’t had the time to make my batches of christmas cookies, many gifts that i wanted to make will have to wait until next year. our christmas star cannot be found.

i was dwelling on these changes of plans earlier this week but tonight i am not. i am enjoying this quiet moment sitting here alone. despite the quiet and calm in the room i feel full of excitement and anticipation. the reason for this…a new life. a new tiny being. anytime now kristina will be giving birth to her fourth child. i wish i could be there right now.  what a miracle birth is. i hope that all is going well for kristina right now and can’t wait to hear the news. who will be joining Kristina, Phil, Lucy, Peter, and Audrey? can’t wait to meet you little cartwright!


One Response to “life.”

  1. opa December 17, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Under the circumstances, your errors in spelling and grammar can be excused.

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