December 1st

1 Dec

The season of advent has begun.  The snow is dancing down from the sky announcing the start of the Christmas season.

I do admit that during American  Thanksgiving week a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t in a very thankful mood.  I just wanted to be home.   We had been denied at the airport flying home that week followed by losing my wallet which held over $200, gift certificates I was excited to use, but most importantly all my ID, my passport and G’s passport. Oh my goodness-oh my goodness- oh my goodness.  Needless to say the week following was spent frantically run around to the US consulate in Toronto, filling out paperwork, and endless phone calls. I was not in the best of moods. George was not a happy boy.

But now it’s December 1st which means we’ve been here a month. I was just looking back at the pictures from this month and realize that although there were/are stressful moments, we have had a fabulous time spent with our family. We have taken part in so many Christmas experiences already that it’s hard to believe we are only starting the month of December.  As I turned the little door in G’s advent calendar today I felt so fortunate that although I am not in my Cali home, I am surrounded by an amazing family here.  I am blessed to have the family that I do.  There are so many moments that I am so very thankful for;  so many little things that each family member does in their own way to make me and George feel so loved and blessed.  I often forget that not all families are like this. 

So, as the month of December begins I remind myself that this season is not about getting frantic and stressed checking off my to-do list, purchasing gifts, and racing around trying to get stuff done. It’s a season to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  A time to be thankful for the ways in which He has blessed our lives.  A month to enjoy a season of celebrating with family and friends.  Magical moments that I can share with George as he experiences them for the first time.  And I know that when we are back in sunny California I will think back to these snowy afternoons in Canada where our family was near and the noise was abundant.


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