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Merry Christmas!

23 Dec


my christmas elf.

22 Dec

It was fun to pull out these little guys to add some Christmas cheer to our place. I think that this was my first sewing project that got me really excited about sewing last year. I found the pattern on the site Angry Chicken which is a really great site full of ideas and creativity.

This little Christmas elf gives me even more Christmas cheer…

couldn’t decide which pic I liked best so i included them both.

G’s Canadian Favorites

21 Dec

George loves talking about our trip back to Canada and some of his favorite things he did while there.

A few of G’s favorite ‘canadian’ things….


chillin’ with the cousins

railway tracks and trains

walking his cousins to the bus stop


driving the fire truck at uncle jamie’s fire station

hanging out with uncle phil’s trailer hitch

opa’s garage…no one else G knows is building an airplane in their garage!

oma’s cookies

helping Oma in the kitchen…

Made with Liebe: Memory Game

20 Dec

The same white plastic “halvah” box that was Opa’s sits on a shelf at my parents and contains the much played, much loved memory game that we played as kids.  It’s still fun to pull out that box, lay the cardboard pieces on the table, and work my brain trying to come up with as many pairs as my memory can muster.

I made one of these last year for a family member and thought I’d make a “Cousin Edition” this year. Although now that Rebecca has arrived I will need to snap a picture of that sweet baby and make one more pair.

This game/gift cost me less than $3 to make and I made it while watching Elf with Travis and George the other night.

To start I went to the hour photo developer and picked 13 pictures (13 cousins) and had them developed into wallet size 2 x 3 pictures. 4 pictures fit on one photo so I was able to put 2 pairs on each page.

I cut out each picture and had 26 pics in all (13 pairs)

Next I cut out background paper 2.5 x 3.5.  I wanted to use paper with a funky design but the problem with that is the back of each piece would be slightly different…something a sneaky memory game cheater might use to their advantage. One must take memory game seriously!

I decided to stamp each card in the same place to add something interesting to the red background.

Once the pictures were glued on the background paper I put them in some books to ensure they would stick. This little guy helped me out.

Next thing- I’ll laminate all these square pieces at the store which will make them a little more heavy-duty and last longer for all those fingers flipping them over and of course to make it look ‘professionally hand-made’ ( I just feel too cozy inside while the rain pours down outside so I’ll add it to the ‘to-do’ list). Once they are laminated I’ll cut out each square and then it’s ready to play!

I made the little pouch with some fabric scraps I had on hand. This is why I love my sewing machine…a little pouch like this took merely minutes to create and makes such a sweet little pouch to hold the game. A special touch for a special “mensch”.

Finished another “Made with Liebe” project last night but this one is a “mensch” gift which means no family members can view it…so no peeking Dick Family!  Here’s the link to the completed project…“Made with Liebe: Doggie Bag”

#14 has arrived!

18 Dec

Grandchild #14 has arrived! Welcome to the world Rebecca Angela Cartwright! Way to go sis! Sooooo happy for the Cartwright family and for all of us that get to love this new little miracle.  Sweet Rebecca was born yesterday in the wee early hours, December 17th and is heading home already today. Oh boy Rebecca, get ready for culture shock! The calm, soothing, muted sounds of the womb are no longer….get ready for your new wild, noisy, crazy, loud, wonderful, chaotic, home! You will be needing those vocal chords to hold your ground in that house! Along with being full of noise, that home is most definitely full of love. Love for all those that walk through the door. Despite the snow that is falling and the chill in the air, as soon as one walks in the Cartwright home they are welcomed in with warmth, food, love and often wine! You are a blessed little girl. Only a day old and you have 4 grandparents, 2 great-grandmas, 7 uncles, 5 tantes,  12 cousins, 3 siblings and your parents that already love you oh-so much and are so very happy you are here! I can’t wait to meet you in a few days!

Now rest up sweet little Rebecca, now that you are the youngest you have less than a week to prepare for the role of Baby Jesus for our family play on Christmas eve. Welcome to the Dick Family and the many traditions that go along with being one of us!

Oh it most definitely is the most wonderful time of the year!!

a tweet day and a homemade gift

17 Dec

Here at the Schneider household we have some little birdies that sing their sweet songs by the light of the moon. Never before have I heard birds chirping away in the middle of the night but I do love the sound.  Crazy California Birds! Since George was born I have developed a little bird theme in various corners of our home. I remember when George was just a few months old and would lay in the carriage, we would walk and walk and walk to the bluffs, to the village, to the beach, he would be fascinated by the birds. It was so exciting to see him react to these little creatures and get excited by their flitting and flying and chirping and singing.

So today we put on our aprons, put on Christmas carols and made some homemade bird ornaments.  A sweet little gift to give to friends and neighbors for them to put outside their window and take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of the holidays to watch the birds enjoy a Christmas treat.  I really liked this tutorial as it does not require too many ‘ingredients’…the only thing I needed to buy was this bag of birdseed which was only $2.99 at the grocery stores. My, these birdies are in for a treat!

I found this tutorial on the great site Saltwater Kids and it was so much fun as George pretty much did all the work.  He may have eaten a few morsels as he worked…let’s hope it’s all natural!

Her site even shows how to make these little boxes to package the bird-food ornaments. I didn’t use file folds as she did, I just used some heavier paper that I had on-hand.   I made these labels using my stamps and cut some sprigs of our holly tree to add to the box.


16 Dec

it’s 11:45pm. i should be asleep.

the dishes are not done. my side of the bed is full of  laundry waiting to be folded. the other side of the bed is occupied by travis in dreamy slumberland. george is in his own little bed accompanying travis in dreamland. i really should be joining them.

but instead i’m sitting here on the couch. some christmas classics are playing and our lopsided tree missing it’s star is glowing and making the room warm and cozy.  my list of Christmas ideas, projects, to-do’s is lacking many checkmarks beside it. the whole ‘unexpected 5 weeks in Canada’ has changed some christmas plans. we decided not to hold our annual Christmas drop-in, i haven’t had the time to make my batches of christmas cookies, many gifts that i wanted to make will have to wait until next year. our christmas star cannot be found.

i was dwelling on these changes of plans earlier this week but tonight i am not. i am enjoying this quiet moment sitting here alone. despite the quiet and calm in the room i feel full of excitement and anticipation. the reason for this…a new life. a new tiny being. anytime now kristina will be giving birth to her fourth child. i wish i could be there right now.  what a miracle birth is. i hope that all is going well for kristina right now and can’t wait to hear the news. who will be joining Kristina, Phil, Lucy, Peter, and Audrey? can’t wait to meet you little cartwright!