Made with Liebe…Handmade Christmas Gifts

30 Nov

One of the reasons I have been oh-so anxious to get home is to start on my Handmade Christmas to-do list. I have many, many projects that  I’ve been thinking of for the past few months but wanting to wait until I can play the Christmas tunes, be luminated by the glow of the Christmas tree, and chomp on a candy cane as I make these handmade gifts. I’ve been so disappointed that I have not been able to get to my piles of materials at home during these lead up days to my favorite time of the year. Silly, silly me. Although no sewing machine is here, I realized that now is the time where I need to think up Handmade Christmas gifts that I can make without too many materials while I’m twiddling my thumbs here.

So, I have decided to make Tuesdays a day of posting Handmade Projects that are “Made with Liebe” (aka Made with Love). With 4 Tuesdays left before Christmas that gives me motivation to get things done even while being at my ‘home away from home’.

Because I am making these gifts for my family, I am going to put a link to these “Made with Liebe” Projects so that IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE DICK FAMILY DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. This may take some willpower especially from you Kristina or Hannah, but don’t otherwise some gifts will become known.

So, for the first project click on MADE WITH LIEBE.


One Response to “Made with Liebe…Handmade Christmas Gifts”

  1. Hannah December 2, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    why is your blog so irresistible!!!!!! it is going to take ALL my strength not to take a peek at that (very tempting) link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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