29 Nov

i know, there are far worse places to be stuck.

i know, i am with my wonderful family during a wonderful time of year.

i know, george loves spending time with his wild cousins that are teaching him all sorts of things he would otherwise not learn from his mom and dad in california.

i know, i often wish i was home in canada able to just hang out with my family and friends.

i know.

BUT…i am stuck. G and I are unable to go home.

This is what i want to be doing right now…

Putting up the Christmas lights on our little house. Baking in MY kitchen with all my cook books and gluten-free ingredients on hand. Going to work. Playing our christmas tunes.  Pulling out our  big boxes of christmas decorations and decorating the house all day long with G, telling him about each decoration and getting our little house filled with Christmas by the time Travis comes home. Going to the gym. Walking to the bluffs. Sleeping in MY bed. George sleeping in HIS room…not beside me each night (well, maybe i do enjoy the excuse to do this). Hanging out with Travis. George hanging out with Travis while I go out and do MY thing. SEWING. Getting started on my biggest Christmas to-do list yet as this is my first Christmas having full rein on my sewing machine.  Going to the beach. Teaching at school. And on and on.

will i ever get back in???

But, here we are. Week 5 in Canada.  I packed my suitcase as if we were coming to Canada for 6 days. Our house was left in a state where I thought I would be back within a week to send those bills, return those items, go to work, etc. etc.

There have been many times over the past 5 weeks that I have been tempted to join George on the floor and express my frustration in a full blown 2-year old toddler temper tantrum.  My poor family has had to put up with the chaos and fits of frustration that follow George and me around in our little white rental car…back and forth from Milton to Oakville to the US Consulate in Toronto to the passport office in Mississauga  and around and around. 

An indication that the warm welcome from my family is wearing thin…

WEEK  1:

Mom: Make sure you and George settle in at our place for your visit, we love having you here…

Shannon: Sis, we have the guest room all set up for you and G, we would love to plan some nights to have you over for dinner and a sleepover….

Kristina: Sis, you guys are welcome to stay here any night, any time. The downstairs is all yours.  We love having you here and just hanging out…

WEEK  5:

Mom: Suzy, maybe it’s a good idea to spend some nights in Oakville…a good change for you.

Shannon: Really, you want to stay tonight? How about Kristina’s place, I know the cousins there really want to see George.

Kristina: I really don’t mind sis if you stay at Shannon’s or Mom and Dad’s. I totally understand that it’s too crazy coming here. I think it’s better if you settle yourself there.

Oh family, any day now, any day now, any day now.

Poor Georgie…was so excited to get on the plane last week thinking he was going to see Daddy and his room and his train. All checked in at the airport and then more visa issues. Oh boy, one day will we really laugh at this inconvenience as Travis puts it???

Not anytime soon.

There… done. I’ve vented, I’ve complained, I’ve kicked and screamed. I feel better…until tomorrow.

Here’s hoping…


One Response to “stuck.”

  1. sis November 30, 2010 at 7:11 am #

    you are losing it!!!! i mean i dont blame you and you are a bluffer- i never said for you to stay anywhere else loser-we love having you -you crancky, little . any hoo see oyu soon

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