matty and me.

28 Nov

So my thinking is that if I am using this blog to record bits and pieces of our lives so that one day Georgie can look back and see how cool his parents were, I better include this picture.

Sure it was a few years ago (okay it was 10 years ago…wait, really 10 years ago? wow that sounds like i should have matured lots since then). So it’s only been 10 years since I’ve washed my right shoulder that Matt was firmly holding that night in Las Vegas.

Wow, that was a fun celebrity meeting! When Travis and him were talking I may have drooled a little bit on my shoes (and maybe his shoes). I mean, it was in his Good Will Hunting Days. I think out of all the celeb meetings we have had this tops the list. Thus I am posting this picture to preserve this in our little bloggy blog.

I actually did misplace this picture  and when I saw it at Shannon’s on my extended, extended, extended visit home (i am sensing my welcome into everyone’s home for the night is wearing a wee bit thin…sorry family, maybe this will be the week?!?!) I thought I would scan it and preserve it.

So there it is.  George one day when you read this you may have no idea who Matt Damon is but you will finally know why your mom has a stinky right shoulder.


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