Schue Aufstellan

27 Nov

First Advent is upon us which means that tonight we carry out the German tradition of Schue Aufstellan.  Tonight our shoes go under the tree in hopes that the elves will come and leave us some Christmas surprises.

I love this tradition as it welcomes in the Christmas Spirit and the start of a wonderful season.  What warm, cozy memories and feelings it conjures up, thinking back to when all of us siblings were kids and lived at home…our 8 pairs of shoes lined up along the mantle, anxious to see what would be our very own treat in our shoe. Often a new toothbrush, tangerines that signify that once they are here it’s the start of Christmastime, some german chocolates that we would savour and enjoy before breakfast. Just the excitement of a little treasure left just for us, and knowing that once it’s time for Schue Aufstellan Christmastime is actually here!

Looks like the elves have paid a visit…


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