santa claus is coming to town!

21 Nov

Enjoyed the Oakville Santa Claus Parade this morning.  Our fourth spotting of Santa Claus this Christmas season. It’s been so much fun to tell George about all that is happening this season. It is a first for so many things as I don’t think he would remember any of this or understand any of this from last year.

So the Christmas trees, lights, candy canes, Santa Claus are all exciting discoveries that he’s really getting into.

This is George’s face now when I ask him to smile…

Uncle Jamie the fireman was part of the parade this year.

At this point it was COLD!

Peter was excited that Star Wars was making an appearance!

What they’ve all been waiting for…Santa Claus! Santa even called out ‘hello’ to the MacMurray Family and to Lucy!!!! Wow, we were all impressed!

Merry Christmas!! There we have it…the Christmas season has started!

** boy i miss my computer and miss editing my pics…miss alot of things and that sure is one…


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