20 Nov

Even before my feet are out of my bed, I know Jack Frost has arrived.

Camera in hand, Dad’s boots over my PJ’s, I climb the fence and head down the road. The snap of cold clears any grogginess from my body.  I haven’t woken up to this sharp air in my lungs since last Christmas when we were home.

The frost cracks under these boots and covers the autumn leaves. Has winter pushed autumn aside already?

I climb under the fence and walk this quiet road.

The fog is awake, rolling out of it’s hiding place.

Evidence of summer days are preserved by this cold frost.

It’s been only a few minutes and I already sense the sun’s presence. It hasn’t conquered the cold but it’s warm glow is cast around me.

My face, toes, and fingers are feeling stiff and cold, I head back home.

Someone’s awake…


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