dead end road.

7 Nov

Walking the dead end road conjures up so many memories. I can think back to so many times walking down here trying to sort out thoughts in my head during high school, coming home on weekends during university, days before the wedding.  Times when I would just walk down here to clear my head to make decisions, walks of frustration when I just needed to get out of the house, ‘light on my feet’ walks when I felt great about something, or just times when I wanted to take in the beauty of the outdoors and get out.  This trip especially I am finding that I have so many memories coming into focus…I wonder if this would be the case if I lived here permanently or if it’s just when I come back to visit?

Nevertheless, I sure love walking the dead end and I seem to have lots of pics from the last few days strolling down this ‘memory lane’.


One Response to “dead end road.”

  1. sista at home November 9, 2010 at 8:45 am #

    sis you really do capture the moments !!! getting great with your camera. its so nice for us moms who never post pics, take pics, cook meals, sew clothes, create websites, to see a mother so talented and gracious!!!!! you are the best tante around and we do appreciate all you do with our kids!!!!!!!ever think of taking one of mine back to Cali??see you soon

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