all bundled up.

7 Nov

Oh how crisp, fresh and COLD the air felt when we first stepped out of the airport and into the noise, chaos, and excitement of “home” with the cousins and the rest of the fam.

So great to see everyone since the summer and what a wonderful time of the year to be home. I must say I am feeling “Christmasy” already! Must have to do with bundling up, drinking hot apple cider, visiting Springridge Farms, going to a Christmas bazaar, and just feeling cozy and warm at everyone’s home.

I thought I’d put some pics up here already as the pictures are building up in my camera and if I don’t post some now I’ll just have too many to post later. I haven’t been able to edit any pics but it’s nice just to post them on here as I know G and I will love to look back on these autumn days when we are back in the sun and heat of California. 

So great that Laura, Hannah, and Gracie came for the weekend from Michigan…can’t believe the changes in my nieces and nephews in the last 3 months…especially you Hannah! A freshman in highschool!

Gracie and I had fun putting on a “fashion show” one evening.  As I went through the upstairs closet looking for clothes I came across my wedding dress…has it been 5 1/2 years already!?! In one way it feels like a year ago, in another way it feels like a different life, pre-California living, pre-George. Fun to wear it once again! Gracie has some style sense too, just like her sis!

Great to see Kristina’s Baby #4 belly growing too…December 22nd is the E.T.A.

Gotta say we’ve got some cute kids…


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