1 Nov

From the recipe box.

Sweet Potato Salmon on a bed of Arugula with Quinoa

I think back to how I despised fish pretty much all my life.  The plethora of ways I tried to get out of eating fish sticks as a kid were pretty creative I must say.  The only one that really got me by my dad’s watchful eye was to put my chewed up fish in my socks, then dump it in the toilet once I was excused…oh my goodness that is almost too grotesque to type…well I guess this is my outlet for thoughts and memories so there it is!

Only in the past couple years have I enjoyed some fish dishes- this being one of them.  I ordered this at Julia’s on Lakeshore in Oakville this summer when we celebrated Kristina’s birthday and have since made this dish at home and thoroughly enjoy it!

So here’s what’s needed to create this dish for four…

  1. Four fresh Salmon Fillets
  2. 6 Sweet Potatoes
  3. Quinoa- rinse and drain before using
  4. Arugula or Baby Greens (I think the peppery arugula is a good flavor with this dish)
  5. Onions
  6. Carrots
  7. Butter or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now put that apron on, turn on some tunes, maybe pour a glass of vino and…

  1. Boil 3 sweet potatoes until soft
  2. Meanwhile, while potatoes are boiling grate 3 sweet potatoes.
  3. Put grated potatoes in bowl and add enough extra virgin olive oil to coast (approx. a few tbsp) and add salt and pepper. Here is a time to be generous with the salt.

4.  Spread this grated potato mixture on greased pan and put in oven until browned and  crispy like this…

5.  Next, mash boiled potatoes until smooth. Add a little butter and salt and set aside until just before serving the fish.

6.  Now caramelize onions and carrots with some butter in large saucepan. Once onions and carrots are caramelized add the quinoa (quantity according to quinoa directions).  Stir quinoa until coated with butter/veggie mixture like this…

7.  Add water to pot according to pkg directions.  I used Red Quinoa for this recipe because I like the colors with this dish- also the quinoa is great prepared with chicken broth instead of water for extra flavor.

8.  Season salmon with salt and pepper.  Heat pan with butter or olive oil.  Cook salmon on each side approx. 6 minutes each side. This will vary depending on size of fillet…I probably overcook, but just want to make sure there is no pink showing.

9.  Once ready to eat, spread pureed potato on salmon, next top with the crispy, grated potato.

Place on bed of arugula and side of quinoa. Great colors to feast your eyes on. Delicious and healthy for your palate!

* If I am serving this when friends are over, I often prepare the grated sweet potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and quinoa earlier in the day so that all I have to do is cook the fish and heat the mashed potatoes and quinoa…less prep in the kitchen this way.


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