30 Oct

Let’s go boys, shift’s started, work to be done. We’re FIREMEN! No time to dawdle, let’s GO!

Alright, where’s the fire?

Phew, that’s done. Time for a breather…

Wait a second, what’s that I see over there yonder????

Damsel in distress!!!! STAND BACK LADY, I’LL SAVE YOU!!!

Phew, you’re just fine lady, I’ll just hold your hand for a minute until you’ve caught your breath. Just breathe and smile…

Everything’s okay folks, just let me take care of this…stand back please.

Okay, let me just survey the scene, make sure no one else needs my help.

Lookin’ just fine here.

Let’s go boys! After all we did this morning I’m ready for a drink…a round of milk for the whole crew!

one last stop…just going to see my girl before lights out at noon…

Phew! What a day, I am exhausted!

Home sweet home at last.

Shoes off, shirt off, no saving anyone now. I had a pretty crazy day at work, I just need a few minutes to chill out with my wheels okay mom?


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