28 Oct

This is the scene on our coffee table most days. During this time that I can do what I wish around the house as George will be occupied ‘parking’ his cars, making them turn ’round the corner’ and backing up ‘beep-beep-beep’.  Sometimes an hour will go by and he is still intent on parking his cars in an exact position.

If I dare to even scoot a car/truck/tractor/trolley over by an inch I am immediately repremanded that “NO, TRUCK PARKED THERE, MOVE MAMA!!” Yikes, we are most definitely in the “demanding voice stage”.  There have been many mornings when I walk out of our room in a sleepy-haze when a sharp, annoying pain in my foot rudely snaps me out of my slumber-mode.  When I move the little jeep or tractor that I have stepped on thinking it is leftover from yesterdays’s play George comes charging out of the living room, his ears tuned in to the slightest sound of one of his vehicle’s wheels moving out of place. Back it goes into it’s specific position in the traffic line of cars.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the little guy, but if I follow the little ant-line of cars down the hall to the ‘parking lot’ I will spot the top of his blonde head…

Focused and concentrating on the task at hand. A sweet, quiet moment.


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