mama owl mask

27 Oct

George loving this book…

inspired me to make this today…

George loves this book that Grammy gave him…I love these little golden books too. He’s at the stage now where he is telling his own little story about what is going on in the book. Love listening to his stories when he doesn’t know I’m there eavesdropping!

So I believe this little book is where the little man got the idea for what his mama is going to be for Halloween.

George has Halloween all figured out this year.  He knows what to say (“turkey-treat”), he knows what he’ll receive (“candy treats”) and he is not scared of the decorations outside the homes (said in a reassuring voice…”no scare me Halloween, no scare me”)

He has also decided not only what he will dress up as, but what the rest of the crew will be too.

Daddy will be the Trolley Man.

Mama will be an owl.

Grammy will be a ghost.

So today while he slept and I talked on the phone to Kristina, I made my costume.

I think I saw this idea in a Better Homes Magazine…so quick and easy to make. I will take any excuse to create some sort of craft!

I only spent $2 at Joann’s for these feathers and mask, I already had the felt in my scrap pile.

I made the eyes a little bigger on the mask, then glue-gunned lots of feathers to it.  Next I cut out the eyes and the beak from felt…

then glued the eyes and yellow felt triangle for the beak on top of feathers.  That’s it!

This would be a fun thing to add to a dress-up box after I wear it trick-or-treating (perhaps if i crouch down a little lower I’ll get candy to0?!?).  It reminds me of Mr. Dress Up’s box full of amazing costumes. I used to always want one of those boxes…perhaps this will be the first addition for George!


2 Responses to “mama owl mask”

  1. sis October 28, 2010 at 8:09 am #

    freaky sista!!!!!its great though!!!!man i dont even have anythinbg for the kids yet!!! too bad you werent here you could wip up a costume or 2!! cant wait to see you love ya

  2. Shannon October 28, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    Oh Sis! the mask turned out super duper!!!!! Love it!
    I must say you have inspired me Sue…..perhaps not to the extent you’re sewing, but I keep thinking of the practical things I could do at home (e.g-hemming pants…which I do constantly, pillow case for James’ extra extra long pillow, pants custom made for Lucy etc.)
    Needless to say Jamie already knows i want the ol’ Curvey Singer fur Weinachten. Just wish we lived closer so we could stroll the fabric stores together.
    Can’t wait to see you guys!

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