Happy Thanksgiving!

10 Oct

Preparing for our Canuck Thanksgiving meal today.  Mmmmm the smells lingering in the house sure are good.

Out of all my recipe books (and I love every kind of recipe book) I would have to say this Canadian Living Cookbook is one of the best.  Is it because it makes me think of “home-home” when cooking from it? Maybe.  But it’s also just a great book to have in one’s kitchen.

As G and T washed their bikes in the warm sun, I sat outside and peeled apples for our Apple Crisp…always makes me think of Mom and Shannon when making this delicious dessert. And so easy to make, no recipe required for this one. Just oats, apples, butter, brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.  Naturally Gluten Free too!

George came over to eat a few pieces of apple that had some brown sugar and cinnamon mixed in with them so I joined him…

Mmm, what a great dessert to have just like that. We had to peel a few more apples by the time G and I nibbled away! And the crumble on top? Another thing I could just eat and eat before it even bakes in the oven!

Travis and George made their Pumpkin Pie first thing this morning. One-step pumpkin pie with the puree and other delicious ingredients.


Yes, George does have bottoms on!

Yes, Travis is wearing my apron!

While that baked I had a few other things to make…

Not bad looking for Gluten free eh?

Mom’s delicious stuffing recipe…After 6 months of omitting dairy, eggs, and citrus from my diet (along with gluten for the last 10 months) I decided to make an exception with dairy for this Thanksgiving weekend.

It was Mom’s stuffing recipe that made me realize it is not a real Thanksgiving meal without the butter added to these dishes. Oh-my-goodness how I have missed you dairy! Not sure what my plan is with regards to my dairy-relationship after this weekend of indulging in it but I must say, dairy…especially you butter, you make a meal complete!

So at this point, the turkey roasts, the cranberry sauce and pies are done, and the rest I’ll do in haste minutes before our friends arrive. Although we are not “home-home” I am so very thankful for our life in Canada and our life here in California.  So many blessings both here and there.

I can imagine right now what is going on at home.  Outside the air will be crisp and fresh, calm and quiet except for the leaves rustling and the horses running in the fields…

Meanwhile, in the Dick-Household…kids running up and down the stairs, inside and outside, racing to the field to see the horses, and then racing to jump on the trampoline.  Running in a line, chasing each other, their yelling and high-pitched voices muffling the sound of the screen doors slamming as they run in and out.  Meanwhile in the kitchen…Shannon will be nibbling on mom’s stuffing.  Preggo Kristina will be pouring the wine (and perhaps sneaking a sip or two).  Laura will be starting to make a recipe that she’s been meaning to try for months and will have all the ingredients in a bag somewhere in the back of the Michigan station wagon that she’s trying to find.  Shannon will nibble on more stuffing.  Dad will be pacing back and forth yelling at the grandkids to slow down (meanwhile loving the chaos) and telling his daughters to quit talking so loud (meanwhile loving the chaos) while Josh blares his Shania Twain CD upstairs.  All the while the bro-in-laws will be doing their own thing while Mom will be stirring, and making, and baking in the midst of the chaos. Oh how I miss home!

But, this is home too…and a wonderful one at that!  So many great friends here and a life that we have established that we love and enjoy every day.  So, on this Thanksgiving I thank God for both our “homes” and the blessings in our lives.

And for these sweet little hands that are even more delicious than the pumpkin pie!


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. sis October 13, 2010 at 9:49 am #

    sis, how sweet!!! i actually didnt really get to devour my meal this year (felt kinda queeeesssyy) when i see y our pics i am craving another feast. mom did make a great spread though!!!! i actually was pouring wine but for myself it was a dry thanksgiving!!!!!!

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