creating with thread

5 Oct

I was walking with G today and as he rambled on about the trolley-man yet again I admit that my mind tuned out that sweet voice of his and my train of thoughts went like this: I can’t believe that I have flipped the calendar to the month of October…oh how i miss the crisp, fall Ontario days where one can smell the damp maple leaves and you get to pull out cozy sweaters…boy, this means Christmas will soon be in there air…yippee, a reason to start more sewing projects…wow, hard to believe that last year at this time I had yet to discover my love of sewing.

Last year at this time my Singer machine sat neglected in a box, under a pile of sweaters, patiently waiting to be plugged in and put to work. I knew that I wanted to sew, but so far I had only used this machine for the odd, necessary hemming job which did not muster up any creativity or excitement. I did not yet treasure this machine or realize it’s capacity to provide satisfaction and fun when put to work with a simple piece of fabric.  It was only a month before Christmas when I decided to start making Christmas gifts that I bought this book,  Bend the Rules Sewing.  After my first sewing project I was hooked! A great book to make funky stuff for a beginner sewer. Not even through my first project and I felt such a satisfying feeling and I was excited for my next project. The Schneider boys were forced to fall asleep night after night with the sound of the needle humming away!

Now I have my routine all set.  Often in the evenings once G is asleep, I light a candle, pour myself a glass of vino, listen to some tunes and peruse my fabric stash deciding on what I am in the mood to create.  Much more relaxing then flipping channels, trying to find something to watch on T.V…except for Thursday nights. The Office takes priority to The Singer.

This bag is from the same book, Bend the Rules Sewing and it’s my Autumn “thinking-of-the-crisp-fall-days-in-Ontario-walking-down-the-beautiful-dead-end-road-then-eating-some-of-Mom’s-delicious-baking-while-wearing-a-cozy-sweater-and-thick-wool-socks” Bag.  So while I daydream about Canadian autumn days, I can fill this bag full of my sunscreen, hat, flip flops and toys for our day at the beach.


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