playing with pics

2 Oct

Discovered this great website for editing pictures. Not just the typical editing, but options to use really funky features.  Free to use too!

One of my favorite features is using the “60’s Effect” and the “Polaroid Effect”.  Isn’t it funny that despite all our new fangled digital choices people are enjoying this “old school” look!

It’s great because once you save the picture to your computer, you can print it out like any other picture.

chi chi la la = cousin talk

Play around with the effects, add a few words, print out, add to a plain card and voila…

cards ready to send in the mail!


One Response to “playing with pics”

  1. sis October 4, 2010 at 6:40 am #

    sis -love the pics!!! got your message last night. hope all was well with travis gone. we had a great(short) night away-wow it had been a lonnnngg time !!! miss you sis

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