to market, to market

26 Sep

Woke up to a hot, hot Sunday Sun.

Set off to the market first thing before the heat got even more intense.

Every Sunday when we go to the market I feel like I am on vacation. The sounds, the colors, the smells- so pleasing to the senses.

After enjoying so many different samples of sweet, juicy fruit, breathing in the soft, fragrant flowers, and enjoying the tropical sounds of the steel drum band, we made our way home. On our walk home, with our wagon filled with bags of produce for the week, I was eagerly imagining the recipes I will prepare for this week. One of our favorite vendors always throws in a different piece of produce with my purchase; this week Lemon Basil. The smell is so fresh and strong you can almost taste it with just a sniff of the leaves. Perhaps in a roasted chicken this week would be a good match?

Next, we headed to Malibu to church. We always have about an hour or so before church starting at 9:30.  It’s nice to stroll around and enjoy the quiet park, calm beach, or shops before the hustle of the weekend crowd arrives.

Much to George’s delight there was an ice cream shop open, serving wee little cones filled with creamy gelato. Ice cream at 9am….well, it is the weekend!

Thought I’d display one of my new tops from a yard sale yesterday- washed (obviously not ironed) but ready to go for church today!


One Response to “to market, to market”

  1. Shannon September 27, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    Sis, Your photography is absolutely stunning. My mouth is watering just looking at all the fresh produce. I can just imagine walking through that market with you and Georgie. Miss you guys!

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