25 Sep

Saturday morning.

Lately this is the time that I head out on my own for a few hours and start my exploring of the Palisades Treasure Hunt of yard sales.  This morning however I decided to skip my morning ritual since we decided to head out to the open space of Will Rogers Park.  However, we just so happened to pass a sign and Travis knows by now how crazy it would be to drive by a Palisades yard sale. So we took a little detour off of Sunset Blvd.  While Travis and George enjoyed their bagels in the car, I zipped up the driveway and within 5 minutes had found some more great treasures.

If George could rate his top 5 favorite finds, this would definitely be #1.

We have found the TROLLEY MAN!

And there we are, Georgie and Mama cruisin’ in the back.

The way G has been carrying on about the Trolley man and the Trolley and the “ding, ding, ding” for the last month I would have bought this toy for $20 if I happened to see one in a toy store. This little treasure was a mere $1…perfect!

There were a few more amazing finds…not the actual object of purchase being amazing, but amazing because it is something that within the last few days I have added to my list to purchase.  Just 2 days ago my alarm clock broke. Now we do have George which means I haven’t set my alarm in about 2 years and as much as I dislike seeing the hands of the clock sitting at 5am when our little Rooster man crows I do like to have one near my bedside.  And there it was, a simple little clock that became mine for only 2 quarters!

I also scooped up 2 old school fisher-price toys for George…one being this camera with pictures to ‘snap’ of images of animals at the zoo and kids there too with the title ‘Day at the Zoo- 1973’.

In the last few weeks George’s little paws have been finding their way over to my camera and I am only aware of this because I hear him saying “cheese” while holding my Canon precariously close to the hardwood floor when I enter the room. I have been meaning to find an old point and shoot that I had in a box but had yet to get around to it. Voila, leave it to the good ol’ Palisades sale!

A few other treasures were discovered which I’ll have to post later. Only so much excitement can be handled in this post!

After our little detour we were off to Will Rogers Park, a beautiful wide open space that is a nice change from being at the beach.  We watched the horses, went for a stroll, George drove the Trolley along the fence and wrestled with Travis. And while Travis dozed in the grass George and I experimented with each of our cameras. George intent on clicking until he could see the Goose picture with the boy in the bell bottom jeans and I was happy to continue to experiment with the manual settings of my camera. I love that there is so much I don’t know when it comes to the plethora of settings of my Canon…so much to discover and learn and this morning was a great place to do it.

A great start to the weekend!


One Response to “Detour”

  1. olive September 26, 2010 at 4:50 pm #

    hi travis…your hat is a wee bit too small. great pictures of the weekend

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