Grammy made me do it!

13 Sep

Grammy was in town this past week.  We had a blast and George loved being spoiled with lots of attention and candy! BUT-  this post is not about all that we did when Grammy was here…that will come later.  This is about the fact that yard sale-ing with Olive means that instead of zipping out for an hour to see what one may find at a couple of yard sales, it ends up being an all morning-into the afternoon venture and results in LOTS of purchases.  Purchases that have given our house a whole new look!  Palisades yard sales + Olive = I end up buying WAY more than I thought but I LOVE what I found! We sure had a fun weekend!

George LOVES to watch how the horses move up and down and can listen to over 50 songs…can’t wait to pull this out at Christmas-time

Pine Book Shelf

Sweet little glass bird house and old, old bell- love the dainty dings it makes!

I couldn't pass up a set of cheery hand-painted dishes!

Some classics for G and the nieces & nephews- all for $2

Okay, now for 3 of my favorite finds- these pieces will travel with us wherever our life leads us- LOVE the style of all 3 pieces and can’t believe how great a deal they were!

Vintage table- my new favorite color!

Antique Pine Bureau

It was love at first sight with this unit! ( I know Dad, I’m being overly-dramatic about a material item but I just can’t help it!) You see, I have been looking for a solid wood piece for our bedroom for a couple years now.  IKEA had flimsy ones and the beautiful antique ones that I would admire from catalogues or windows in stores were just too much moola…I knew I just had to wait until I saw the perfect one.  And then, voila!  There it was, sitting so beautifully at the edge of the yard sale…all alone, beckoning me to come over and make it my own!

pine dining room table and chairs- although we had a table (which I am now putting up on Craigslist) i have always loved this pine/beachy look and with grammy pressuring me to buy it and for such a great deal i am so happy that i did!

love love love!

Pretty funny to see Travis’ face when he saw our place filled with this stuff before it was organized and put away.  “Your mom made me do it!” was all I had to say for him to understand how I came to aquire all these new items! All day Saturday was spent doing a house “make-over” and we had so much fun doing it together.

So- all this PLUS MORE (couldn’t put it ALL in one post) for under $150…gotta love the Palisades! And Olive’s shopping instinct!


2 Responses to “Grammy made me do it!”


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    […] always loved this frame that i picked up at this yard sale months ago. the size and color are great but i’ve never like the rose picture inside. […]

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