6 Sep

Had our first feeling of fall this weekend in Carmel. Travis, Grammy, George and I packed up the car and drove up the beautiful coast to Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey.

Amazing how quickly the beaches and Palm Trees turn into rugged cliffs and a northern landscape along with a chill in the air that allowed us to happily build a fire in our cabin and bundle up in some autumn attire (something I long to do in our Sept/Oct heat here in the Palisades).  We walked the quaint streets of Carmel, Grammy bought George his first watch, rode on the Trolley, stayed at a great Cabin in Monterey, strolled the chilly beach, stopped in at Mission Ranch which Clint Eastwood owns (George liked his green pick-up), and then hit the rode home peeling off our layers of clothing the further south we drove.  A great long weekend and now we are ready for the month of September to be here!


One Response to “Roadtrip”

  1. krissy September 17, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    what a great shot of the BANGS boy!!!! man he sure likes them short. kiddin!!! whats next bowl cut boy!!!!save the 7 til hes 7(by phil) man are we funny. yoy know are kids are such fashion statements. i gotta get lucy pants. shes been sporting short trackers since school started. you do take great shots sis. take care

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