Going to see the Trolley Man

29 Aug

Ever since Joshua, George and I went to The Grove in L.A. and had a ride on the trolley, George has been talking all about the Trolley Man. Before going to sleep…”Mama, Trolley Man Sleeping”….first thing in the morning “TROLLEY MAN WAKE UP!!!”…and many, many times throughout the day I hear from another room “Trolley man driving…ding ding ding”. Since George’s excitement about the Trolley Man has not diminished we decided to pay a visit to the Trolley this afternoon, Travis wanted to find out what the excitement was all about!

Just as we turned into the parking structure of The Grove the little man’s head dropped in fatigue and stayed that we even when Travis took him out of the car and even when we walked around the Grove with the music surrounding us and the water show going on.  We couldn’t believe it, the last time George slept in our arms must have been before he turned one! Well, when we did shake him awake he was all serious business on the Trolley and as you can see by the picture, Travis was about ready to have someone carry him in their arms!  Enjoyed a hotdog and fries at the farmer’s market area chit chatting with some regulars.

Travis and I ended a great weekend having some vino (really enjoying Zinfandel wine right now) in the backyard once George was in slumberland…goodnight Trolley Man!


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